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How to buy an Amazon buyer account cheaply and what it takes to find an account with good standing.

Can we buy an Amazon Account? 

Amazon has become a hub of business growth and continues to grow more opportunities that create an ecommerce business by buying and selling on the site. Most consumers have moved away from in-store shopping to online and this is why you can create or simply buy an Amazon account to benefit you as a seller or buyer.

There are usually two types of buyer accounts, the buyer and seller accounts. If you are a business you can get seller accounts to sell your products online.

You are probably wondering, what is the need for buying a verified Amazon account, especially a seller account when you can quickly create one on your own. Well, here are a few reasons for you:

Make use of existing reviews 

An existing account with some history allows you to use reviews from existing products. As an example, if your former seller sold some Puma shoes and received several five-star ratings in 2020, you can edit the product to Adidas while retaining the old five-star ratings. 

With good ratings, you increase your chance of winning more clients if you are buying a seller account. This is a good thing given that new accounts take time to grow and may encounter several problems that can lead to suspension or ban. 

Accounts in the United States are more trustworthy 

By purchasing an old account, especially one that is based in the United States, you remove yourself from being suspected. There is less chance that you will be taken for random account checks. There were a lot of sellers who learned the hard way that skipping the inspection is better than being checked and being found wanting. Once Amazon checks you out, if there is a small error, they don't care about your apology, whether it is justified or not. 

Most importantly, the market wants to know that you will take your responsibilities seriously and will assume the responsibility for solving the issue as quickly as possible. In this regard, they mostly trust sellers in the United States. A chargeback can be made by Amazon on a deposit made to an American bank account. Therefore, they believe that a USA seller will be more accountable. 

Older accounts are ranked higher 

Amazon SEO searches on existing accounts rank higher. What can you do to get the sales process to run more smoothly? What can you do to improve the customer experience? Would it be possible to improve delivery management? Amazon checks these lists for you and ranks you higher if you have an account that is at least six months old. 

In addition, Amazon sends each seller numerous reports. Reports like these help sellers figure out what is happening with their seller account. The reports give sellers a general idea of what the most frequent issues are. Sellers should use this report as a starting point for improving their

business. When buying a ready seller account, you can bypass all of this multi-stage reporting, and your items will rank higher on item searches since The ready seller account has received all recommendations. 

If you would like to increase your earnings, even more, check out Accfarm to buy an Amazon account which will lead to a double-digit increase in sales.

Is it legal to sell an Amazon account?

Even though Amazon discourages selling and buying of accounts, there is no evidence that you can be arrested for it. It is not like you are committing a crime or harming anyone by doing it. So, there is a thin line between the company’s policy and legal requirements on the entire issue. There is nowhere in federal laws where you are denied to buy and sell an Amazon account.

Can I have multiple Amazon buying accounts?

There's a chance you still are worried about having multiple accounts, whether it's a buyer or seller account. Fortunately, there is a bright side! There is no limit to how many buyer accounts you can have. Truth be told, it is quite obvious. Why would Amazon forbid its most valued customer to have multiple buyer accounts if it is obsessed with its customers?  

Even better, Amazon allows its users to link their buyer accounts with each other under a single household, so everyone in the family can enjoy Prime services together! Therefore, each member of your household can have their own buyer account, while sellers can only have one seller account. The good news for buyers out there is because Amazon idolizes its customers, they are allowed to have multiple buyer accounts. What's more, they can even log into their Amazon accounts from the same computer!

Where is the best place to buy Amazon accounts?

There are so many platforms that claim to sell old Amazon accounts, but it is always advisable to perform your due diligence to ensure you are not being conned or spending your money on accounts that may get banned or recovered by original owners. So, the best place would be a platform like Accfarm that is popular among so many people due to its reliability in instantly delivering what they promise and having great customer service that works around the clock to help solve any arising issues.

Amazon accounts for sale

You can find old Amazon accounts to buy on Accfarm, the accounts are sold in batches and you can spend as little as $29 to get them delivered to you instantly or within 48 hours. The good thing about these accounts is that they are created by real people and will help serve your needs without any worries. 

Buy verified Amazon Accounts

It is important to buy verified Amazon accounts to prevent the risk of losing your account. Therefore, buy an Amazon account from platforms that give a 100% guarantee of the quality. So many people have told horror stories of how they got accounts that ended up being held by Amazon because they are not verified.

Buy Amazon accounts Cheaply

Price is one of the factors you need to look out for before you buy and sell an Amazon account. It is possible to find good accounts and in batches that you want without having to spend a fortune. Most people who buy accounts from Accfarm are always happy because the platform offers exactly what they promise at incredibly great prices.

Buy old Amazon AccountsAs we have seen before there is a huge difference between buying old and creating a new Amazon account. While new accounts will take time to grow and gain people’s confidence if you are a seller. You can easily buy and sell an Amazon account that has aged enough to help boost your business or enjoy all the incentives that come with them.

How to buy a good standing Amazon account

Mostly for seller accounts, the most common reason for receiving a termination notification for Amazon accounts is for repeatedly forfeiting delivery blocks within 45 minutes, delivering late, or missing deliveries. You cannot always prevent an unplanned emergency from causing you to miss a delivery block or to fail to deliver on time, but you want to minimize your risks and chances by planning.

So how do you ensure that you buy an Amazon account that has good standing? There are several ways you can use to check whether the account you are buying is good. These may include checking history to see if there were negative comments or reports made about the account or the previous owner.

People are often surprised and excited when they tell you they operate their business on Amazon since this marketplace can bring huge profits and thousands of customers. Unfortunately, the second thing you always think about is Amazon account holds. It's like a war, where millions of users accounts are destroyed, and to tell the truth; no one is prepared for war.  Therefore, everyone tries to learn the policies Amazon uses to combat rogue, dishonest, and rude sellers, and make sure they avoid the aggressive and dangerous weapons Amazon uses against them.

Another alternative would be to find a site that is well known and buy an Amazon account cheaply and in bulk without any worries. The bright side about this is, you don’t have to go through the hassle of investigating on your own whether the account is in good standing or not.   


Amazon helps millions of people all over the world run successful online businesses, but they all need to have verified Amazon accounts to be able to transact without restrictions. Accounts that have existed for a while tend to have more advantage over those that just got created which is why most people prefer to buy aged accounts

Before you buy an Amazon account, it is important to ensure that you are doing it on a site that is accredited to prevent losing your money unnecessarily.  You can buy Amazon accounts cheaply and bulk from a platform such as Accfarm that offers real accounts at better prices compared to other platforms. 

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