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Recommendations for Accounts

Important Information on Accounts Usage from Accfarm


  1. General Information. Refund & Refill Policy
  2. Instagram Accounts
  3. Facebook Accounts
  4. Quality Proxy and Recommended Tools
  5. Support
  6. Partnership & Affiliate Program

General Information on Accounts from Accfarm

At Accfarm we believe that it is paramount to offer high quality services to our clients. Thus, all our Exclusive social media accounts are PVA (phone verified accounts) and they have a unique Proxy IP from a particular country (mainly Ukraine and USA). Also for a better experience we provide User Agent data. This is why the instructions provided for the accounts may seem lengthy and intricate. But once you understand the Basic info it becomes much easier with the accounts. The credentials and additional information for Instagram Accounts, Facebook Accounts, Reddit Accounts, Twitter Account and Gmail accounts are the following with a colon separation:

  • Login
  • Password
  • Proxy IP
  • User Agent (includes browser and other information)


  1. We provide an account guarantee only within 24 hours after a purchase.
  2. The only case that is applicable for a replacement is a disabled or non valid account that is impossible to access.
  3. As you have logged into an account, all actions and outcomes depend entirely on the user side. We do not provide any assistance nor refunds for all kind of account malfunctions that may happen after the first successful login.
  4. It is obligatory to use VPN and proxies according to the description of the account. We always make clear what proxy from what country to use for logging in the accounts.
  5. We do not provide any refunds or replacements if you have bought an account mistakenly with other properties (no friends, no posts, no avatar, no marketplace). You must read the description carefully and select the required type of account before purchase. The descriptions state whether a position of account has followers, content, active marketplace, etc.

General Recommendations for Accessing Accounts

It is obligatory to follow these rules:

  1. Use the Proxies included in the credentials set (If applicable). In case if your account does not have a proxy (read description information on your account before the purchase), you should acquire a proxy from a specific country of the same origin as your account. Note that most of our accounts use a UA, RU or USA IPs. NOTE: If you do not use the same country Proxy IP it is very likely that your accounts will be disabled by the social network and no refunds will be issued.

Where do I receive the accounts after purchase?

If the purchase was successful, your account will be sent to your Email inbox via a downloadable link or an attachment (txt file). You can also find the account in your Accfarm profile. We recommend checking the spam in mailbox in case if the accounts were not delivered.

NOTE: Due to the payment system processing time you may experience some delay in the delivery. This is absolutely normal, since VISA/Mastercard/Paypal payment methods need some time for the verification process. Our recommendation is to visit the Accfarm profile page and check if the accounts appeared in your cabinet. You may also check your mail inbox during the next 24 hours.

Guarantee & Replacement

In case if you have FOLLOWED all rules from the General Recommendations section and you still experience problems accessing the accounts then you may contact our support team. If we detect a problem with the accounts and determine that the problem originated, we will replace the accounts with functional new accounts. A single rule applies for replacement:

You can apply for replacement ONLY in 24 HOURS after your purchase!

Facebook Business Manager Accounts

Our Business Manager Accounts are selling as an invitation link

To accept BM to your account, you need to log into the FB account to which you want to accept BM, follow the link that you receive, enter your name that will be displayed in the BM, and then the password. Done BM has been added to your account.


You need to accept the link to BM within 24 hours from the date of purchase. Links are temporary and may expire!

Our warranty policy for BM

  • We don’t make replacements or refunds if you received your account details and decided not to use it
  • We don't make replacements or refunds if you have successfully connected BM to your account and it were banned during work. We are not responsible for your actions on accounts.
  • We don't make replacements and refunds if you haven't checked the BM for 48 hours after sending.
  • We will replace the BM in case if you failed to connect BM to account first time after transferring account
  • Despite all these limitations, we consider each case individually and always try to help you solve the problem. We are a true user friendly service. Especially with polite clients.

    Instagram Accounts

    We recommend trying our Exclusive PVA Instagram Accounts.
    The format of credentials for these Instagram Accounts are:
    login:password:phone:email address:proxy_ip:proxy_port:proxy_user:proxy_pass:useragent
    NOTE: It is obligatory to use the included Proxy IP for accessing the accounts properly!

    Facebook Accounts

    Our Exclusive PVA Facebook Accounts are registered and verified by phone

    The format of credentials for these Facebook Accounts are:
    Most of our Facebook accounts are registered with UA and USA IPs.To register accounts, high-quality paid proxies are used, paid for 30 days, after logging in, you can continue using them until the paid period ends and then switch to any other high-quality residential proxies. These are suitable for Advertising and promotional activity, however we recommend purchasing facebook accounts with activated marketplace in order to launch ad campaigns on Facebook.

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    1. We recommend to purchase Exclusive PVA Facebook Accounts with proprietary proxies.
    2. If you need a Facebook Account for advertising, please check our Facebook Accounts with activated marketplace and Business Manager added.
    3. If you need accounts with followers or content, please read carefully the descriptions to the accounts.

    Quality Proxy and Recommended Tools

    Accfarm partners with several proxy providers and tools that may help improve the experience with your accounts.

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    If you need a 99.99% working account with proxy, phone, email and user agent, we recommend to buy:

    • Instagram Exclusive PVA account [Proxy, phone, email, user agent]
    • Facebook Exclusive PVA account [Proxy, phone, email, user agent]

    Partnership & Affiliate Program

    If you want to become a partner of Accfarm and help us distribute our services then you may contacts us and apply for an affiliate program or any other type of partnership. We have a dedicated developer and marketing teams that can help your business grow.

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