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2021-06-07 17:24:01
Best part is all these accounts are of high quality and price is so low.. really appreciate it.
2021-06-02 12:26:27
Everything works fine. As for the price, it is not high compared to other stores.
2021-05-31 18:58:21
Good services.
2021-05-31 04:15:57
The best place to buy Instagram accounts in bulk and at a reasonable price.
2021-05-29 06:22:06
Better than other account providers. Instant delivery.
2021-05-26 12:58:49
From time to time I buy the necessary accounts here. I always get them instantly. They function perfectly.
2021-05-25 18:15:53
I buy accounts for the third time and everything works fine. Accfarm service is excellent, order execution is instant. Serious and complete, reliable service. I am very glad. Recommend!
2021-05-25 10:11:42
A very good site, I have been using it for a long time, no problems arise, everything loads also without lags, and everything is done beautifully and clearly, I am grateful for such quality.

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Game industry has become even more popular in 2020 because of COVID-19, isolation, and growing gamer community all over the world. The most popular assets in this industry are: 

  • game keys
  • in-game items
  • game accounts

These digital items are widely used, traded and have their price on marketplaces and in stores. Accfarm is the best account marketplace that offers cheap game accounts for sale.

Game Accounts for Sale

Do you want to buy game accounts in bulk? Easy, we create, farm, boost and sell game accounts of all popular game titles in 2020. You can trade popular game accounts:

  • LOL accounts for sale;
  • GTA5 accounts for sale;
  • Minecraft accounts for sale;
  • CS:GO accounts for sale; 
  • TFT accounts for sale;
  • Fortnite accounts for sale.

In order to purchase a needed game account, you must follow this instruction:

Choose the needed game category;

Choose a type of account you want to get;

Indicate the amount of how many accs you need;

Proceed with any payment method (Paypal, VISA/Master, Bitcoin, QIWI, Skrill).

As the payment is done you will receive your account within 30 minutes. If you experience any difficulties you should contact our support team.

Buy Game Accounts with Inventory and Level

How much game accounts cost? Why do I need to buy game accounts? Well, first of all game accs contain value for gamers and traders. These accounts have value and price on market:

  • Game accounts with level;
  • Game accounts with inventory;
  • Game accounts with in-game items, skins, collectibles;
  • Game accounts with played hours; 
  • Game accounts with friends;
  • Verified game accounts.

It depends on your personal and business needs what accounts to choose.

The Best Place to Buy Game Accounts

Accfarm is the best website to purchase Game Accounts in 2020. We provide exclusive service and cheap price for our products. That's why you must purchase from Accfarm:

  • Cheapest game accounts;
  • Replacement and refund policy;
  • Game accounts in bulk;
  • Discounts and promo codes for loyal clients;
  • We are ready to provide you with API for better experience.


Q: Is it legal to buy Game accounts?

A: Yes, it is legal and does not violate any policy or law.

Q: How to buy game accounts in bulk?

A: Accfarm offers game accs in bulk for reasonable price. You can buy 10,000 game accounts here.

Q: How to Buy Game Accounts with Bitcoins?

A: Just proceed with a bitcoin payment method on accfarm.

Q: How to purchase game accounts with paypal?

A: You can buy game accs with Paypal on Accfarm. Just choose the PP payment method.

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