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How to Buy Cheap Android Installs 

Buying Android Installs is a tough challenge today. Obviously, marketers and developers are looking for the best quality app downloads for their application. Yet, you have to check the prices of the service and of course, see the reviews of the vendor. There are so many stores online but so few of them deliver quality and provide. So, increasing your android installs can be quite a pain in 2020. However, there is a solution that helps fix this problem. Accfarm offers cheap android installs for sale. You can promote your android app with ease using our ASO marketing tool. But how to buy cheap and real android installs? How to make sure these downloads look authentic and positively impact your app ranking? Please follow this little guide and we will make your journey comfortable.

Buying App Install for Android tricks:

- Visit Accfarm, the Android Installs section.

-  Choose the needed package for your application: anything from 1000 installs and up to 1000000 installs.

- Tune the delivery mode, whether you prefer drip-feed or instant installs delivery.

- Make sure you have submitted your application link correctly.

- You can play around the GEO sources: choose USA android installs, UK android installs, Germany Android Installs, etc.

- Carefully submit the number of downloads you want to receive for your android application.

- Proceed with any convenient payment method (you can buy android installs with Paypal).

- As the order is placed and payment is complete you can go to your Accfarm account and see the progress in delivery.

NOTE: It is recommended to use the drip-feed method of delivery over the instant for huge orders(from 50,000 android installs).

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about buying android app installs. 

The Best Place to Buy Android App Installs

As you probably know, there are dozens of stores offering you paid android installs. The truth is that very few of them provide quality service. If you are interested in why particularly Accfarm is the best website to purchase android app installs, then please read the little guide discusses where to buy android installs. 

Guide on where to buy android installs:

  1. Choose marketplaces over stores. Marketplaces usually provide a better range of products at better prices. Since Accfarm is the biggest marketplace for social media accounts and services, you can be sure that this is the right place to order android installs.
  2. Check a marketplace review on Trustpilot and on other rating sources. Accfarm has 4+ points which suggest that Accfarm has great feedback from clients. 
  3. Check the refund policy of the marketplace.
  4. Check the support whether it is available and works properly. It is a well-known fact that you may face many issues with 
  5. Check the available payment methods. For instance, Accfarm offers even Paypal, VISA/Mastercard, Skrill, and other payment methods. 
  6. Read carefully the instructions on how to log in and use the accounts properly. Accfarm clearly instructs on how to use our products. 
  7. Check the bonuses and discounts, Accfarm always provides fair prices and discounts. Especially for loyal clients.
  8. If you have faced any issue then contact our support team.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to define your place where to buy android installs. 

Is it Secure to Buy Android Installs

It is absolutely safe and secure to buy app installs for your android application. You do not provide us any access or credentials. All processed with just an URL link and your account on Accfarm.

How to Buy Real Android Installs in Bulk

Exactly as with single orders on Accfarm, you can purchase many installs in bulk. Just indicate the number of downloads needed and enjoy discounts.

NOTE: it is recommended to use drip-feed mode while you deliver the installs. 


Q: How to Promote my App in Google Play?

A: Try to make your app focused in some niche and solving some widely spread problem. Yet, as it is a new application recently released in the store you will struggle with the first downloads, then you can simply buy them on Accfarm. Then you will receive the organic downloads.

Q: Is it legit to purchase Android app installs?

A: It is legit and secure, you risk neither with your reputation nor with your ASO and marketing performance.

Q: Can I buy Android Installs with Paypal?

A: Absolutely, you can order Installs with Paypal payment method.

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