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2020-10-31 05:24:45
I have been buying accounts here for a week now. They arrive quickly and are satisfied with the quality. But I will take off one star, I asked technical support, and she answered in a few hours. Apparently they are heavily loaded, okay, this is not critical)
2020-10-30 13:14:27
They quickly send passwords to the mail, right away! Well done, I will continue to use your site. By the way, I like the prices, do not increase, please)))
2020-10-30 06:04:59
I found out about the store by chance, from a search. Attracted by prices and a fairly clear design. I use it actively now, accounts are ideal for my activities. And the prices are not bad if you consider the quality.
2020-10-29 18:48:25
Great site Accfarm.com, used several times, simple and user-friendly interface, prices are reasonable. I bought accounts, everything works well, they are filled with high quality.
2020-10-29 15:59:39
I have used the site more than once, no complaints have appeared. I get accounts immediately after payment, but the payment itself is instant, really. I would also like to note the good quality of the accounts, none have been banned yet, I actively use them!
2020-10-26 13:17:56
i bought a BM from them and it didn't work. There 0 support on skype , simply a scam, wonder how it was even approved by Trust Pilot.
2020-10-24 10:59:37
This company scammed me for $600. I bought 2 accounts, was promised to get them in 48 hours. It's been more than 4 days, I didn't get any account. Made calls with Skype and been ignored. My Company will contact TrustPilot HQ to remove this company from this site, as they run a "contest" so people need to give 5 stars then they might get "free" account. this is a 100% SCAM! WATCH OUT! EDIT: The Company is LYING in their repsonse, i reach out to them and even tho they charge me $600 they claim they didn't ! WHAT A JOKE!
2020-10-18 00:32:53
This is the best site for buying and selling accounts across the internet. Fast service, quality account content, no scams and awesome technical support. Highly recommended

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It is a known fact that Steam is the ultimate gaming social platform with hundreds of cool features. It’s main purpose is to distribute games and related content from independent developers and big production companies online. Steam's primary focus is to allow registered users to download games and media from virtual libraries to local computers as game cache files. To fully use the platform a verified Steam account is necessary. If you develop a game and plan to add it to the Steam catalog, a Steam developer account will be required.

Buy Steam accounts cheap

A special list of Steam accounts for Sale is coming very soon to AccFarm! You will be able to select specific Steam account that you require either for your personal or corporate use. You can browse through the features of the Steam Accounts and select the ones that you are specifically looking for, whether it is the Rating on Steam, a List of particular Games, amount of Steam money or the number of skins on the account. Stay tuned for our updates and we will let you know once our quality Steam accounts will be available for sale.

Buy Steam accounts with instant delivery

Steam is currently the most popular online store for gaming content through which users can purchase game titles as well as dlcs and digital items for thousands of games. The process of purchasing items is well thought, meaning that once a game is bought, a software license is permanently attached to the user's Steam account, allowing to download the software on any compatible device at any time.

How can you buy Steam accounts

Buying Steam Accounts is extremely simple! All you have to do is to:

  • Pick the preferred category of accounts and select the account that is best for you in terms of functionality and price range;
  • Choose the quantity of accounts and an email address for the delivery of your Order;
  • You can then choose any convenient way of payment. We accept Visa/Master Credit Cards, PayPal, Cryptocurrency and payments via Skrill, Qiwi, Adcash, Payeer, etc;

Steam is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It is no longer just an online store for entertainment. Nowadays any gamer will have more than one Steam account and it is difficult to calculate the exact audience on Steam. However, most players will not have the games or the level that they desire on their account. Check out our current stock and you will find what you are looking for. Wait no longer and try out our quality Steam accounts on Accfarm!


Q: Do people sell their Steam accounts?

A: Absolutely, and you can always buy a Steam account with previously purchased games of your choice right here at AccFarm.

Q: Can I sell my Steam account?

A: This feature is coming soon and you will be able to sell accounts with as many games as you wish and a few Bonuses as well.

Q: Do you have old steam accounts?

A: You can buy old steam accounts in bulk on Accfarm using various payment methods. We will deliver your order in full and with a guarantee.