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FB accounts: Aged Softreg Facebook accounts 2007-2014 registered with 2 Business Managers added - United States IP

Product specifications

Followers/Subs: 0
Content: Yes
Registaration date:
Gender Multi
Account name alphabet Latin
Registaration IP Geo Yes
Email verification Yes
Email registration No
Email adress inclusion Included
Phone registration No
Phone verification No

Format Preview:

login password email email password recovery email recovery email password DOB country ID 1 BM ID 2 BM UID


Bulk purchase is available for this position. 

Choose quantity 10, a special price ($100 per 1 account) will apply

High-quality Softreg Facebook accounts 2007-2014 registered.

Two $250 Business Managers were added to the profile, suitable for advertising. In the payment settings, the currency corresponds to the country of registration.

The daily limit of the advertising campaign is $250.

Marketplace has been activated.

Email access included -  [email protected]

Registered with United States ip.

The full name of the account can differ from local in the country of registration.

Gender can be either male or female.

Account profiles can be either empty or with already added posts, photos, and other information.

In most BMs, the limit is $250 at the start

If you create an advertising campaign and there is a limit of $50, after 1-2 bills the limit will grow to the required $250.

If you delete the administrator on whom the BM was created, the limit will be reduced to $50

Recommended after the first successful login to your account:

1) You need to link your phone number right away. This number must be unique, that is, this number should not have previously been used on the FB.

2) You need to upload your real photo to your profile picture, it is better to take a photo from your mobile phone so that the photo is unique!

In the future, if the account is blocked by a selfie photo, then you will unblock your account without any problems.

The uploaded photo must always be unique, that is, a photo that has not been previously uploaded to FB.

Remember, only a real person links a phone number to FB account and uploads a photo to a profile picture.

Thus, you will prove to the FB bot that you are a person, and not a program bot, and thus there will be nothing to complain about the bot.


We only guarantee the first successful login to your account.

Please Note the Format of Credentials for the Accounts: login:password:email:email password:recovery email:recovery email password:DOB:country:ID 1 BM:ID 2 BM:UID

Price $149.99
pcs in stock 86
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