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Top ways you can use to drive more traffic to your site from Bing 

It is completely understandable to think that Google is the only good search engine available today because it is the most popular known search engine that has dominated the market for years and is still keeping the trend among many people. Google processes over 200,000 searches every few seconds. 

If you have a business that relies on a website to reach more potential clients, then you need to check beyond Google to drive more traffic into your site. Bing is one of the overlooked search engines, but serious people looking for more traffic for their websites know it is possible to gain more traffic with it. As it stands today, Bing holds about a 3% share of the global search market. It also powers about 2% of Yahoo searches. Therefore, website owners can take advantage of the 5% world market share.

To boost your traffic with Bing, you will need to focus on Bing Analytics or you can buy website traffic for Bing from sites like Accfarm. We will tell you more about how to buy traffic for Bing to your site later in this post. But now, let's look at how you can gain traffic with Bing analytics starting with defining what it is.

What is Bing Analytics?

While Google Analytics is a tool that is used to analyze and track your traffic, Bing analytics is different or works differently. Even though Bing has a dashboard with features that appears to be the same as Google Analytics, you can still not equate the two. With webmaster tools, you can think of Bing as a Google Search Console.

The Benefits of Bing Analytics

You can make your site perform better with the site's search analytics tools if Bing is your main source of traffic or you hope it will become one.

It is possible to improve your ranking and get more traffic from Bing by using its Webmaster Tools.

This post won't cover every feature of Webmaster Tools, but we will cover the most critical features of Bing Analytics and demonstrate how they work. Don’t worry if you find the tools difficult, because we will still give you a quick user guide on how you can buy website traffic for Bing!

How Bing and Yahoo work?

As far as Google Search Console is concerned, you are limited to analyzing your performance within Google. On the other hand, statistical reports from Bing and Yahoo are combined in Bing analytics in Webmaster Tools. It means you can see rankings, click-throughs, impressions, and more from multiple search engines, all at once.

You can submit a sitemap?

Bing crawls and indexes your website easier when you submit a sitemap. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of search engines finding your content.

The Bing Webmaster Tools tool will show all of the sitemaps you have submitted to the search engine. Additionally, the Webmaster dashboard makes it simple to submit a new sitemap.

Crawl speed control for Bing

Are you getting a lot of traffic during specific time periods? You don't want search crawlers to put your servers under additional strain, for instance, if you receive a lot of traffic on weekday mornings.

It's for this reason that the Bing analytics Crawl Control tool comes in handy. With this feature, Bing knows when you are busiest, so it works similarly to how your calls will get returned later when you are off work. It's worth noting that this can't be handled through the new Google Search Console.

Geo-targeting setup

Without geotargeting, you can't do good local SEO. In search engine optimization, this is the feature that determines which parts of your site search engines should show users in different regions.

You can manage all your geo-targeting needs in Bing Webmaster Tools. Just enter the URL and select the country or region of the desired domain, subdomain, directory, or page.

Google Search Console gives you the same functionality, but it requires a lot more work. Using Bing and Google geo-targeting is a good idea.

Connect your social media and app store accounts

You may not stop at your website when it comes to your online presence. It's likely that you have multiple social profiles or that your products are available in the main app stores.

Your brand relies heavily on those pages. Therefore, it will do you good to see how many impressions and clicks you are receiving from them. You can, thanks to Bing analytics. By linking your social and app profiles, you can get a whole extra level of insight into how people are finding you online. 

Learn how Bing sees your site

There can be a lot of obscurity surrounding search algorithms and ranking factors. In some cases, it seems like the search engines do everything in their power to complicate the search process. It will be a good thing to be able to know exactly what Bing is seeing and you can do that with the help of Bing analytics Index Explorer. 

You can easily see all the information Bing has gathered while crawling your website, so you can determine what needs to be fixed. The Index Explorer provides information on issues such as redirects, blocked URLs, and pages infected with malware that Bing's crawlers discover.

Find Page Two Keywords

SEOs are responsible for maximizing organic traffic on a site with the resources and time they have. Using Bing's analytics, you can see which search terms you're ranking just off the SERPs pages.

Due to low organic search volume, you probably receive very little traffic from those keywords currently. Nevertheless, they're not far off, and a few tweaks could cause a big change. Consider looking at the pages that contain those terms, and determine how to leapfrog any websites ranking above you. Adding some quality backlinks might help, or perhaps you should optimize your content.

Perform Keyword Research

It's time to explore new opportunities after fixing simple errors and optimizing two keywords.

To do this, you need to perform some keyword research first. Bing offers organic keyword research data as the only search engine in the world.

Mobile-Friendly Assessment

More than half of all visits to websites are made from mobile devices. This has been the case for several years, so you don't have any excuse not to have made your site mobile-friendly by now.

The Bing Mobile-Friendly Test, like Google's, analyses how well your website performs on mobile devices. Besides analyzing your properties, it can analyze any site, so it's useful for keeping an eye on competitors.

Buy website traffic for Bing

As we had already tipped you off earlier, you can buy website traffic for Bing and skip all the other alternative strategies which can be time-consuming to set up and may be associated with delayed results. It is very common to find some entrepreneurs buy traffic as the quickest way of driving traffic to their website and boosting their business.

You can get web traffic for Bing cheap and in bulk, but you first need to identify a site that can get you quality traffic that will not only help promote business but also make your site rank higher. You can look for trusted sites such as Accfarm, which is popular among several people for offering quality traffic at the best prices in the market.

Buy SEO traffic for Bing

SEO will maximize traffic to your website and Bing has some terms you can use to help you rank and drive more traffic. Given that creating SEO on your own may not be easy, you can also buy SEO traffic for Bing to avoid all the hassle and start boosting your business.

How to buy traffic for Bing

Before anything else, you need to find the best social media services platforms, such as Accfarm for example. This is a very important step when you want to buy traffic for Bing. It will help you avoid getting scammed easily by some dubious sites out there. 

For sites like Accfarm, everything is pretty straightforward, you can start by selecting the package you want and enter the details including financial information and the site domain where your traffic will be delivered after you buy traffic for Bing 

How to buy traffic for Bing to your site

Most platforms will take a few days to deliver traffic to your website, but it is important to buy from a site that won’t take longer than 2 days. Accfarm for instance delivers traffic within 48 hours of buying. So, it is good to buy from a site that will deliver quickly as delay may point to unreliability.

Buy web traffic for Bing cheap and in bulk

When looking for traffic to buy, you will obviously need something that falls within your budget. There are sites that will offer you to buy web traffic for Bing cheap and in bulk. For instance, for as little as $3.99 you can get traffic to boost your website and business in Accfarm. Furthermore, most buyers have found the traffic to be of great quality.

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