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How to monetize on TikTok and how much money can I earn?

Surely you have heard about TikTok among your friends, on social networks or perhaps on television, since every so often a new viral video appears that everyone talks about. Apparently TikTok is in fashion and not only among the youngest, but more and more people decide to download the application every day. What is the cause of all this fever for TikTok and why are more and more people using it? If you also want to know the reason for all this and more, continue reading this article!

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is a Chinese application that allows users to create, edit and share short format videos with a duration of 15 to 60 seconds with the possibility of adding music backgrounds and video filters. At first the application had the name of Douying, which means "shake the music" in Chinese. By 2017 Bytadance acquired the company (an American social network) for 1 billion dollars, and from this merger came TikTok as we know it today.

Why is TikTok the social network of 2021?

Since its launch, the popularity of TikTok has been a resounding success. These figures give us an idea of ÔÇőÔÇőthe impact of Tik tok:

- Tiktok was the most downloaded application throughout 2020 with more than 115.2 million installs

- By mid-2020 Tiktok was the fourth application with the most active users worldwide, only below applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

- By 2025, the number of users is expected to continue to increase, reaching the astronomical figure of 1.327 million users globally according to Statista.

- There are many third-party apps specially developed for TikTok. One of the most popular is TikTok Video Downloader.

Now that you know the potential and scope of TikTok in the world, it would not be a bad idea to think about creating videos for this network.

How to go viral on TikTok?

TikTok has become popular due to the viral videos made by many of the content creators that have gone around the world such as challenges, dances and pranks. One of the factors that has allowed videos to become popular so quickly is due to the organic reach that the platform provides. There is no one way to make a video go viral, however there are certain tips that can help you get there.

1. Upload videos constantly

There is not really an exact number of how many videos you should upload per day; However, the more videos you upload, the more likely that one of them will get interesting results, in addition to improving your skills in front of the camera.

2. Participate in trends


Always seek to be aware of the content that is trending at the moment and leverage yourself to create a similar version, but with your own style, also use songs that are trending, that will help you to have a greater reach.ÔÇŹ

3. Focus on a niche

At the beginning to grow it is recommended that you focus on a specific group of users and do not try to cover a very general group, for example if you decided to be a TikToker reference in the educational field, perhaps you should start with something more specific such as creating content Just math, that will quickly gain authority and digital presence.

4. Dare to create different content

On many occasions it is advisable to experiment with different content to find out which one the audience has the most affinity with.

How to monetize on TikTok?

It is common for the typical questions to appear: ÔÇťIs it possible to make money with Tiktok? How much money can I earn on TikTok? or even how does Tik Tok pay? ÔÇŁ

The answer to these questions is yes, it certainly can. Although TikTok is not specifically based on monetization and providing sources of income to creators, the application is very commercial and therefore there are ways to monetize TikTok. In this way, the social network seeks to retain content creators and encourage them to use TikTok as the main platform.

Live broadcasts

Another way to monetize on TikTok is through live broadcasts, also known as Go Live, which can be used by content creators with more than 1000 followers. This not only allows influencers to have more direct contact with their followers, but also to monetize on TikTok. During live broadcasts, followers of content creators have the ability to gift you virtual coins as a way of saying thank you for the content they make. In addition to giving away coins, they can also buy emojis with different designs and diamonds to give away. Once influencers have received a significant amount of coins, they can exchange them for real money with a maximum limit of $ 1,000 per day. In this way users can support their favorite influencers.

Some social media specialists estimate that every 100 diamonds is roughly equal to 50 cents on the dollar. TikTok receives 50% of the total income generated, therefore, if you accumulated $ 200 in diamonds, it is likely that you will only receive $ 100.

Link redirection

Since TikTok is so popular, it is normal for a creative video to generate a large amount of traffic to your profile, but you can also take advantage of that traffic by directing it to other social networks such as Instagram, You Tube or even to a web page. In this way, if you are an influencer with a significant number of followers on TikTok, it is likely that some brands will contact you, so that you can put their networks or web pages on your profile.

Free TikTok Video Downloader - Become a recurring content creator

Really the best way to monetize a TikTok profile is by becoming a successful content creator. This way you can gain the attention of many brands that will want to work with you together and will be willing to pay you for it. Also, it may be that if your followers like your content they will give you many virtual currencies. All you have to do to become a content creator is download the TikTok application, open an account and start making videos on the topic you like the most.

Who knows ... maybe you can become the next TikToker of the moment.

Now that we know that if it is possible to make money with TikTok, the next question one can most likely ask is ÔÇťHow much money can I make on Tik Tok?ÔÇŁ To answer this question it is necessary to evaluate several factors, since not all content creators can earn the same.

Take into account the legal terms, according to Influencer Marketing Hub to be able to do deals with brands you must be at least 18 years old, otherwise it must be under the guardianship of the parents. This aspect will also depend on the politics of the country you are in. If you were wondering how to monetize with TikTok and all the potential that this platform has, we hope the article has been useful to you and it may be good that you start looking at TikTok as a new channel within your digital marketing strategy.

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