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Twitch Money Calculator

Find out how much potential income you could make with the advanced Twitch money calculator.

Live streaming on Twitch offers a remarkable chance for streamers, both small and big names, to earn money. The video game streaming market is booming, and it’s the best time to grab the chance and become a streamer.

Twitch has become the leading video streaming platform in recent years, where gamers can start a streaming career with an endless possibility of getting a passive income. At any moment, there are over two million live viewers on Twitch and nearly seven million monthly streamers. It's the place to be for those who love video gaming's social side, the simplest way to make a healthy income while playing games.

However, the biggest question when it comes to earning on Twitch as a streamer is how much one can make. That's where the Twitch money calculator comes in. It's made things simple when it comes to estimating how much money a streamer can earn on Twitch.

Estimating Earnings with Twitch Money Calculator

The system relies on several statistics to estimate potential earnings for streamers, including their number of followers, amount of views, comments, and engagement rate.

For example, one of the top-earning Twitch streamers today is Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who has over 16.6 million followers on the platform with over 500 million total views from 40 games streamed. He’s estimated to earn more than $500,000 a month on Twitch.

However, that profile is unique and hard to beat. Usually, smaller but consistent Twitch steamers earn around $100 to a couple of thousand dollars per month on the platform. The thing is, streamers can easily figure out potential income on Twitch, regardless of the audience size and engagement rate with the Twitch money calculator.

Benefits of Using Twitch Money Calculator

Twitch is the social media platform for video gamers and streamers. But besides enjoying the social part of gaming, it’s a worthy platform to monetize your streaming activities. And while it’s usually difficult to get an idea of how much you can make on Twitch, using the Twitch money calculator offers a seamless advantage.

• It gives instant estimates on how much streamers can potentially make on Twitch based on several parameters like the number of followers, average stream length, the average number of live viewers, and more.

• It’s an easy to use application that will only require inputting streamer statistics or the Twitch name to get an estimated income rate for the channel.

• It’s simpler and quicker than doing a ballpark estimate and doing the complicated math on your own.

• It offers the most accurate figures for estimating revenue without any hassle.

Revenue Streams on Twitch

The streamer’s statistics help estimate potential monthly earnings on Twitch. However, the platform has endless ways to earn pocket changed. There are several revenue streams on Twitch that can multiply your income like in other social media platforms.

Combining two or three of these revenue streams will give you more chances of earning a bigger revenue with live streaming on Twitch.

• Twitch donations • Win prize money from tournaments • Brand sponsorships • Sell customized merchandise • Income from affiliate links

These income sources are available for every Twitch user. Streamers can make mini donation requests and collect them by linking a Stripe or PayPal account. Even smaller users can also join tournaments and, hopefully, earn prizes if you're good while also broadcasting your battles.

Streamers with a dedicated and considerable amount of following are also a target for brand sponsorships. Among companies looking for gamer-type influencers are those selling gaming consoles, computers, mobile phones, gaming accessories, website hosting, and even food and drinks.

Earn Money as a Twitch Affiliate and Partner

There are countless options to earn money on Twitch, but if you’re seriously looking to make a steady income stream, become a Twitch Affiliate and Partner.

Both these partnership programs offer even better options to get paid on Twitch, but you need to meet the following criteria to qualify.

1. Twitch Affiliate

• At least 50 followers

• At least seven streaming days in the last 30 days

• At least eight streaming hours in 30 days

• Average 3+ viewers per stream

2. Twitch Partner

• At least 12 streaming days in the last 30 days

• 25 streaming hours in the last 30 days

• Reach an average of 75 viewers in the last 30 days

Twitch streamers can make money on the platform through different methods. However, becoming a Twitch Affiliate and later a Partner provides a chance to earn eye-popping figures through additional earning opportunities like:

• Twitch Bits – Twitch pays one cent for every Bit that fans use on the channel

• Twitch Subscriptions – 50/50 income split between Twitch and the streamer for every subscription

• Selling Games and In-Game Items – 5% revenue share available for Twitch partners

• Video Advertisements – Twitch typically pays a flat-rate of $1 to $2 per 1000 views

Earning Money with Twitch – Must-Know Tips for Newbies

Live streaming on Twitch is fun, but it can also be a profitable option for video gamers. It's the best place to turn your passion for gaming into some real cash, and here are a couple of smart strategies to consider.

• Stream excellent content. The key to earning figures on Twitch is to grow your following, so make sure you’re making content that might interest potential followers. Making quality streams also include investing in your gear, like a quality webcam and mic.

• Set time for streams depending on your target audience and be consistent in your streaming schedule. People are more likely to watch your streams at a given time than whenever.

• Be persistent when growing your Twitch channel. Not every stream will be seamless and great, but it’s important to keep going for a successful and profitable channel.

• Aim to be a Twitch partner, even when live streaming for fun. While there are multiple income streams for everyday Twitch users, partners have even more options to multiply revenue. It’s the most awesome way to make boatloads of money on the platform.

While Twitch becomes bigger every day, you can earn more money too. Check out the Twitch money calculator to get a good estimate of how much streamers can earn on the platform.

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