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What is Instagram Auditing?

An Instagram Audit is a strategy influencers use to ensure they meet their marketing goals for the period. Like an accounting audit, an Instagram Audit considers all your strategies and performance indicators to ensure you perform optimally. Companies use Instagram Auditing to ensure their social media accounts are performing up to par with their expectations. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses allow you to make the best plan of action for your business.

Can You Do Instagram Audit for Free?

You can perform an Instagram Audit by yourself after learning all the factors you need to analyze to maximize your social media account. After you get the hang of it, the Instagram Audit should take you less than a day to take inventory of all the changes you need to make for your business. If you are still confused about performing an Instagram Audit by yourself, here are ten (10) simple steps to start performing your Instagram Audit. Take these steps into account to ensure you provide your Instagram profile with the best exposure possible.

10 Easy Steps to Start Doing Instagram Audit by Yourself

#1 Know and Refine Your Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are signals you can take account of to ensure your social media is performing the way you want it to. If you are an influencer, you need to consider your KPIs to receive the maximum exposure you need. Your KPIs do not need to be too elaborate for your social media account. You can set your KPIs to at least fifty followers per day to ensure you reach your goals. Try to set at least ten (10) KPIs you can think of to know the goals you plan to do for your business. You can continue to set larger KPIs as your Instagram account starts to grow.

#2 Analyze your Profile to Optimize It

Other influencers check their profile once more to see if all these factors contribute to increased exposure for themselves. Try to check if different factors are hindering your ability to keep your followers engaged. Check the name in your Instagram profile to see if it matches your business. Consider changing your bio into something more authentic and creative to inspire more followers in the future.

#3 Optimize Your Captions and Posts

Consider changing the template you use for your captions for the post you create. Check to see if these posts are truly contributing to your account’s growth. If you find anything that can be improved, consider changing your caption template to these factors.

#4 Take Inventory of Your Followers

Check your Instagram account for any potential fake followers. Subtract these fake accounts to the number of authentic accounts in your profile. The difference will provide you the number of followers who are engaging with your posts. You can also try dividing your fake accounts by the number of real accounts. If the answer is greater than one (1), you are being followed by more fake accounts than real ones. After knowing these ratios, you can now frame your plan of action based on this weakness. Make the necessary plans to ensure you receive more authentic followers than fake ones.

#5 Optimize the Use of Hashtags

Take inventory also of the hashtags you use. Instagram usually blocks posts containing the same hashtags used repeatedly in all posts. Try to take account of all the different hashtags you can use to not need to think of any when it is time to post. We recommend creating a spreadsheet of the many hashtags you can use for your post. Ensure that you spread out the use of your hashtags to prevent any spamming from Instagram.

#6 Check Your Engagement with the Community

Try to see the number of comments you have on your posts. Consider creating a call-to-action in all your captions to increase people's likelihood of commenting and engaging with your content. Add this to your caption template so you would not forget it when creating your posts.

#7 Develop a Plan of Action for Your Instagram Account

After considering all your strengths and weaknesses, start drafting your Plan of Action to optimize your Instagram account. Your Plan of Action should also contain a timetable you can use to keep track of your progress.

#8 Implement Your Plan of Action on a Trial Basis

After drafting your Plan of Action, try to incorporate this plan on a trial basis. Set a deadline to monitor the progress of your Plan of Action. Incorporate all your strategies during this time and see the progress you are making for your business.

#9 Take Inventory of the Success of Your Plan

Record all the information you gained from testing these strategies. If any strategy fails to meet your goals, consider changing them again. After adjusting your goals to reality, you can now finalize your plan of action.

#10 Finalize Your Plan of Action and Schedule Your Next Instagram Audit

After finalizing your Plan of Action, you should have successfully audited your Instagram account. The last thing you need to do is to implement these strategies for a longer period. Schedule another Instagram audit at least every quarter to improve and revise your marketing strategies. There you have it! You learned ten (10) concrete and easy steps to audit your Instagram account. Note that you may not meet all your KPIs in a few months. However, you should see significant progress in the future after applying your strategies consistently and religiously. Good luck!
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