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Best Free Youtube Channel Tags Online

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Best Free Youtube Channel Tags Online

10 Basic tips to upload YouTube videos and position your videos

More than a billion. It is the number of users that YouTube has, which represents almost a third of the entire Internet. Users between the ages of 18 and 34 see this content the most. Taking into consideration the mobile version alone, YouTube reaches more of this audience in the United States than any TV network. YouTube has local versions in 91 countries and is available in 80 different languages. One billion hours played a day. It is the number of hours of YouTube video viewing per day, which represents billions of views. This is Youtube.

Free Youtube Channel Tags Online

The platform was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005 in California. They all met when they worked at PayPal, Hurley and Karim as engineers and Chen as a designer. In October 2006 it was acquired by Google for $ 1.65 billion. Now it operates as one of its subsidiaries. It is the most widely used website of its kind on the Internet. Its mission is to "give a voice to all people and put the world at their fingertips", that's how it is defined. Yes vision, that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves, and that the world is a better place when you listen to others, share information and create a community through stories.

But uploading YouTube can't be done haphazardly if you want to earn a lot of money from this platform. These are the 10 basic tips to upload YouTube videos and position your videos that you should implement to optimize your videos in the uploading and tagging process. The ones that for me are the basics when it comes to doing a previous work when you are going to upload videos to your channel and those that will save you time and headaches thinking over and over again because I don't find my videos better positioned and those of the competition yes. The three options that you currently have on YouTube are to upload a video from your computer, broadcast live, and create a publication for the Community tab.

Best Youtube Channel Tags Online

The 10 Basic tips to upload YouTube videos and position them are:

1. Title in YouTube

The title of the video must be irresistible, keywords at the beginning, and the branding at the end. You can now also include #Hastag with the main keyword.

2. Privacy Options when choosing a keyword in YouTube

Don't forget to tag the video as public (Any user can search and view the video). The other options you have are:

- Private (Only the people you choose can watch the video)

- Hidden (Any user who has the link to the video can see it)

- Scheduled (Only if you have the authenticated account)

- Premiere. Interact with viewers from the Chat once the video is published.

3. Keyword tool for YouTube in File Name

Upload the videos with the name of the optimized video, that is, do not upload it with the name, put it as you want it to be located, with the name of the video title and if possible with the main keyword in it. File names are closely related to keywords. It is highly recommended that you use some kind of keyword tool for YouTube to make sure whatever file name you choose, it really “hits” the people you are targeting.

4. Make a Good Description

Use the description to describe what the video really is. Don't stuff it with keywords and irrelevant information. If you are going to put links, do not forget to use the http: // to be able to click them from the description. And take advantage of the fact that the first 350 characters appear without having to click on "Show more". Select the appropriate category for your video. Not by wanting to appear in one that you think is more important will you throw all your work to the ground. Select yours.

5. Customized Miniature

Do not settle for the options that YouTube shows you once you upload your video. You have to create a custom thumbnail to stand out in the large number of videos that are uploaded per day. Look for an internal image of the video and highlight the part of the title that can most attract your potential customers. Usually, it will be the keyword or Keyword of that video.

6. Cards

If your channel has more than one video, use the cards to guide viewers to the next video, to the channel to subscribe, or to a video response. And take advantage of the power of the cards, since they are seen on mobile devices and tablets but not the annotations.

7. Video Music

Be very careful with using copyrighted music, depending on the author (copyright owners can decide what happens if YouTube detects their music), it will penalize you and at the third notice, they can close the channel. Even if the uploaded music allows you to publish it accepting that the purchase of the song appears in your video, at any time it can change by the author and tear down all your work. Look in the Library of your channel and work with music that allows you not to have headaches in the future with copyright penalties.

8. Default Values

If you are going to upload a lot of videos, use the "Default Values" option which will save you time when tagging. You can get there from "Settings> Default values"

9. Video Format

The recommended encoding must be in .mp4 container, the AAC-LC audio codec, the H264 video codec, and the frame rate in which the original is recorded.

10. Final Cards

Use the final cards to give the viewer options to continue consuming your content within YouTube itself. Once inserted in the edition of your video you will be able to put the different options in the upload of your video to Youtube. The maximum is 20 seconds so take full advantage of them.

Online keyword tool for YouTube

The options that you can incorporate are:

- Channel subscription

- Go to a playlist

- Go to a video on your specific channel

- Let Youtube advise the viewer according to their navigation (Recommended)

- Go to a link on your website (Only for channels with more than 1K subscribers and 4k hours of viewing)

The formats recommended by YouTube to upload video files are these:



- Avi



- 3GPP

- WebM

And you, do you have any more tips for uploading YouTube videos?

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