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How to Buy a .EDU Email Account

What are .edu Emails?

A .edu email is usually given to students in an educational institution. This email format makes it easier to send and receive files within the university. This format makes it easier to communicate with your professors and carry the institution’s name when communicating with external communications.

More importantly, a .edu email allows you to identify yourself with your educational institution. Thus, you can hold this .edu email even after you graduate. Some educational institutions provide you this email to access different benefits and privileges provided by the university.

This article shows you everything you need to know about creating your .edu email. We will also show you how to purchase a .edu email and the different reliable sites you can use.

How do I create a Free .edu Email?

Universities Usually Give this Email 

Universities usually provide this email to you upon enrollment. Universities should also provide you with your email address and the password for you to access it. This email also provides you the different privileges you can avail of after enrolling. The university is the only entity authorized to make any necessary adjustments if your email is malfunctioning.

How to Create Your .edu Email

If you are not applying for a university to get a .edu email, you can consider making this email address yourself. Follow this step-by-step procedure to begin the process:

Creating an Account

Create an account by providing the necessary information through this link. If you are a United States citizen, you can supply all the necessary information through this database. However, if you are not a United States citizen, you can create fake information to register.

Supply all the necessary information in the database accompanied with the name, birth date, and social security number. After clicking continue, you can now enter your email and your United States phone number. You can go to an online number generator to find the number to include in the registration sheet.

After which, you can place your username, password, and pin when the website prompts you to. After answering a few security questions, you can click “Create My Account” to finalize your registration process.

How can I Get a .edu Email in India?

You can also follow the steps above to create your email account. However, you might need to supply some fake information to continue with the registration process. According to some students, this .edu email account is only available for research scholars and faculty members. This factor makes it harder for students to create their email account.

However, some educational institutions also provide their students with their email account. If you are part of a university that supplies students with their school email account, you might want to reach out to the educational institution to avail of this service.

Logging in to a .edu Email

Logging in to an email is relatively like a regular email. The primary difference is in the address that ends in “@[university name].edu”. You might also see the university logo before seeing the email portal. You can also see the university logo over the email portal while using it.

The primary difference lies in reaching out to the university’s IT support for any related concerns with the university email. Since this email is directly tied to the university, you may lack some control over your email. For example, some universities can also track your movements through your emails and your different internet activities. Some universities also control the passwords you use for the email, making it harder to change the password after receiving it.

Nevertheless, the process of using the email is relatively like any email. You might only see some differences in the layout of the website portal when signing in and when using the portal.

Buying .edu Emails

If you are not a student of any educational institution, buying a .edu email account might be the best solution for you. Some companies sell used .edu accounts accompanied with all necessary information from previous users. Buying email accounts also save you the unnecessary time to place your information in different databases before using your email account.

We will show you everything you need to know about buying your .edu email account. We will also show you some of the best sites to get and buy your email accounts at the best prices in the market.

Advantages of Buying .edu Emails

Here are some of the advantages of buying a good .edu email from reliable sellers. You can weigh these advantages to help determine if this method is the best for you.

Time Efficient

Buying email accounts save you time creating an email account, especially if you reside outside of the United States. These email accounts already have the necessary information you are looking for to save you the registration process.

Time efficiency is most important, especially if you are looking for bulk orders with your .edu email. If you plan to have many .edu emails, you might want to consider hiring someone to make these emails for you. All you need to do is provide the necessary information to include in the registration database.


If you buy this email account from students graduating from these educational institutions, you might also receive some privileges through the email account. You might want to be careful when using these email accounts, though. You might be bordering on fraud if you start to impersonate the person who owned the account before.

Nevertheless, you can theoretically use all the benefits the students received when they were in the university. Some of these privileges can range from unlimited space in Google Drive, free access to different online courses, free access to different websites, and more.


Companies also provide safe transactions for people looking for a .edu email. The people selling their .edu emails already provided their consent in granting control over their accounts. Thus, you also lessen the risks of crimes like fraud and impersonation, which are punishable by law.

Some companies also create different .edu accounts legally by registering your name in different portals for your .edu email. All the information they provide is most likely legit, with little chance of any malpractice in the service.

Customer Service 

Accompanied with the promise of safety, companies also provide a friendly staff to take care of any customer's needs. These staff members will also replace your email if they find any defects in creating the account. The information they receive is also used to further the quality of the service they provide.

More importantly, this customer service also shows the service quality you can expect. The company promises to further your satisfaction by ensuring that all your needs are met before you start using your .edu email.


Some companies sell old accounts from previous owners, while some companies create customizable emails for you. If you want to have an email with your name, you can hire someone to register your name in a university’s database. You do not need to spend time generating different information to complete the registration process. These companies take the hassle out of you and provide you the username and password of your emails.

All you need to do is answer some questions and prompts that they can use to answer some text boxes in the community database. However, some companies can also generate this information for you, especially if you reside in a different country other than the United States.

Where to Get a .edu Email Address

There are primarily two ways of getting an email address with a .edu extension: making the account yourself or buying this account from a trusted seller. Either way, we will show you the best websites where you can purchase these email accounts.

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