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Facebook Accounts: Warmed Facebook accounts with BM for Ads US ip

Характеристики продукта

Содержание Да
Дата регистрации:
Пол Мульти
Язык названия аккаунта Latin
Страна регистрация IP Да
Подтверждение адреса электронной почты Да
Регистрация электронной почты Нет
Включение адреса электронной почты включены
Регистрация по телефону Да
Регистрация по телефону Да

Предпросмотр формата:

Name Email Password COOKIES 2FA Codes


Manually registered warmed up Facebook account with BM US IP; Accounts were registered with US IP. Confirmed by mail; Manually registered; The profile is completed; The profile picture is added; Warmed up; Pictures and posts were uploaded to feed; Subscribed to Several publics; Already made some likes and comments; Fan page already created; BM already created; BM can be with $50/250 spending limit; Json cookies included. We recommend to use them with anti detect browsers and warm up for 2-3 days before connecting start running ads. Please Note the Format of Credentials for the Accounts: Name:Email:Password:COOKIES:2FA Codes

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1. Start by setting up the User agent according to the account data

2. Set up the proxy. If the Proxy data is included in the account data, you should use it.

3. Check your anonymity on You may proceed if your anonymity level is higher than 90%.

4. Upload & Collect Cookies from 2 to 15 minutes on many websites of the same geo.

5. Log in to the Email and Facebook account 

6. Save the password in your browser

7. Perform a similar action in the account: write a message, like someone, any action performed by a real user.

8. It is not recommended to add friends, launch advertisements, begin ad campaigns with big budgets. Any attempt to scale up quickly will diminish the trust of your account. Also do not change links and creatives way to often.

9. Use One BM Card per One Fan Page

When launching Advertisements, make sure to warm up the Ad Cabinet with interactions from the Fan Page

10. In light of the new FB Updates we recommend to:

- Warm up your account on your hardware for 2-3 days. Launch $1-3 ads 

- Use the target Geo language of your Fan page

- You may begin your ad campaigns, with $3-5 and increase the budget by 20-30%

- Make many (5-7) small campaigns at $3-5

- Spend more time in the social account and not in the BM

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