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VCC $1.5 Balance for Facebook (Non reloadable)

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Содержание Да
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Язык названия аккаунта Latin
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Card details


These cards are used only for the first-time billing of Facebook. The card has a balance of $1.5 for dollar and euro accounts. There is no way to refill the balance.

Suitable for Facebook only. It gives $25 threshold with the correct advertising settings. There is no access to the account, so the debit amount for card verification can't be confirmed.

Rules for using cards:

1. $1.5 on the balance (Do not spend money, if you spend at least 1 cent, the card may not be attached)

2. Don't confirm debit amount for card verification from FB (Check for $1 card balance from FB)

3. Before linking the card, change the account currency to Dollar or Euro

4. Don't replenish cards

5. Don't try to connect to services other than FB

6. Link cards within a maximum of 2 days from the date of purchase.

7. We guarantee linking only to 1 account, with a 90% probability you can link to more accounts.

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