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How to use TikTok for business

This content is part of a series of articles that I have created to help you boost your business during a period of crisis using Digital Marketing strategically. If we already thought that we had seen everything in terms of Social Networks, we were very wrong. TikTok arrived and revolutionized the landscape of Social Media.

This Social Network, which began with a number of users not very striking for brands, has increased in popularity in recent weeks as a result of the health crisis, rising as a really powerful platform to reach consumers.

In fact, TikTok has managed to displace WhatsApp from the top one of the most downloaded apps, a place that the messaging application had been leading since 2016. This spectacular growing trend has managed to get companies to put TikTok in the spotlight and include this Social Network within their Digital Marketing strategies.

Do you want to know what exactly this Social Network is and how to use TikTok to boost your business on the Internet? I tell you about it in this article. What is TikTok and how to open a professional account on this Social Network?

TikTok is a free platform created to record, edit and share music videos on any subject with a duration of 15 seconds, although they can be extended up to 60 seconds by linking several stories. The TikTok video editing tool is one of the keys to the success of the Social Network since through the different resources it offers such as musical backgrounds, stickers, texts, filters, visual effects or sound effects, really funny videos are created.

TikTok has managed to take Video Marketing, one of the most powerful Digital Marketing trends of 2021, to another level. To have a presence on TikTok, simply download the application and register on the platform indicating an email, username and password — you can also access using your Google or Facebook account data. Once the process is complete, you will have your Tiktok account ready.

Create TikTok account

Now, it will be a personal account, but I recommend that you transform it into a professional to be able to access the statistics thanks to which you can guide your strategy in this Social Network.

To transform your TikTok account to PRO you must access your profile, click on the upper icon represented by three dots and enter "manage account". In this section, you can "change your account to PRO". Indicate the category of your business, verify your e-mail in which you will receive a code that you must enter in the app and you already have it.

The operation of TikTok is similar to that of most Social Networks with followers who like and comment on the content displayed on the platform. The application interface is very simple. Opening TikTok shows two feeds. One of them is identified as suggested and through it the user is shown a wide variety of content that TikTok selects based on its algorithm, the user's interests and their interaction with the platform. The longer the user stays on TikTok, the more personalized their Suggestions page will be.

TikTok Profile Picture Size Online

Along with this feed, the content of the accounts that the user follows on the Social Network appears. A good recommendation is that you start following accounts of brands, influencers or businesses that are related to your niche, although without being direct competition. In this way you can see what they are sharing with the community and detect opportunities to create your own videos. If you want to find out if an account is worth following, you can save yourself some time by looking at its TikTok Profile Picture Size, especially if the account is a private account.

To record your first video, just click on the bottom button to add, select the recording functions that you consider most interesting and start creating the content. You will be able to reach a larger audience, if you include hashtags (terms preceded by the # symbol that define your business or the content to be displayed). These hashtags allow users to locate content of their interest.

Should you use TikTok for your business?

If you are wondering if TikTok is a suitable Social Network for your business, the first thing to consider is who your target audience is. I imagine this is already clear to you, therefore, now you must inquire if the audience of your business is present on TikTok to see if it is worth drawing a strategy on this platform. Go for it.

The largest demographic of TikTok users is between the ages of 16 and 24, meaning Gen Z (1994-2010). Therefore, if your ideal client profile is in that age group, it is already taking time to create your professional account on TikTok.

If your target does not correspond to generation Z, do not completely rule out using TikTok either. The number of 40-year-old TikTok users is greater than the number of users who are in their 30s or 50s.

On the other hand, I have already told you that this Social Network has emerged in recent weeks. The confinement to which the population has been subjected has made them look for new forms of leisure and one of them is Social Networks, more specifically TikTok.

Keys to harnessing the potential of Tik Tok

Businesses and professionals can use Tik Tok in different ways. The most obvious is to create your own channel and start uploading videos relevant to your community. However, there are more keys to take full advantage of this Social Network and obtain good results. I share with you some of them.

Bring out the fun side of your business

Humor and creativity are the raison d'être of Tik Tok. Incorporate these two ingredients in your videos and dare to bring out the most casual and sincere side of your business. Try to combine entertainment content with informative content and show your products or services in a different way. This way you will be helping to generate brand awareness and commitment.

Use music to get attention

Playing with music helps increase the interest and appeal of the videos you share, so don't forget about it. Take advantage of the songs that are trending in the application at the time and use them to create your own video.

Take advantage of challenges

The challenges are an essential feature of Tik Tok. These challenges motivate users to create their own videos and share them on the Social Network. Challenges are generally identified with hashtags so that they are easily found.

Are you now ready to use TikTok as your promotion platform?

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