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Free Instagram Giveaway Picker

The definitive guide to running successful Instagram giveaways

Do you want to do giveaways on Instagram? Not sure how to make a successful giveaway? Would you like to know the benefits of conducting giveaways? A good reason to add them to your social media strategy, don't you think? Well, I don't roll over and start. Come to the mess!

What is a giveaway on Instagram

On Instagram you can do different types of promotions and one of them is raffles. What are they? The best definition I can give you is the following:

A raffle is a simple action in which users are asked a series of requirements to be the winner of the prize. Unlike others, the choice of winners is done randomly using Instagram giveaway tools. Because of its meaning, it seems easy to create a successful Instagram giveaway, but you have to take into account several aspects.

Why run free giveaways on Instagram?

To convince you of its benefits, based on various latest studies:

91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 comments are giveaways.

Giveaways on Instagram receive 3.5 likes and 64 more comments than the average post.

As various studies reveal, including this technique in your marketing strategy will accelerate your growth.

Types of giveaways on Instagram

The best known is the comment raffle, but there are also others such as mentions, stories, raffles between various accounts… Next I will tell you each of its characteristics and which is better according to your objective.

Feedback draw

The comment raffle is one of the most used by business accounts on Instagram. It is used, above all, because its operation is simple and allows to better know the tastes of the users. Participants just have to leave a comment on the giveaway post and follow the account. It's great, if you want to boost engagement.

Mentions raffle

It is similar to the previous one, but in this case the possible winner of the Instagram giveaway must mention a friend or family member. With this type you will be able to reach more people, that is, you will increase the reach. You will create a brand image and you will achieve new followers or clients.

Hashtag giveaway

In order to participate in hashtag giveaways, users are asked to comment on a certain post with a specific tag. The objective of this type of giveaway is to generate virality. The hashtag created has to be easy to remember. Nor should it be brand related. With this type of giveaway you will know how to improve your buyer persona.

Giveaway in sponsored posts

Do you want more participants? Make an announcement on Instagram. In this way, you will go further, but you must segment correctly to capture your target audience. Make it clear what the requirements are to be able to participate in the raffle. Do not leave any details, as this could cause problems for you.

Photo giveaway plus hashtag

The raffle of photos plus hashtags is one of the most recommended to publicize a brand, and promote your products or services.

Instagram Giveaway Picker - Photography + hashtag

Participants are often asked to upload a photo and put the hashtag of the giveaway in the post. Although they can also be asked to mention the brand. In this way, the brand image is enhanced.

Giveaway on Instagram between several accounts

More and more brands decide to join together to create giveaways on Instagram, especially with the appearance of influencers. The objective of this type of giveaway is for the brand to reach more users.

Instagram giveaway regulations:

What are the rules of giveaways on Instagram?

The platform makes it clear what the rules are regarding these actions.

Here are the rules of Instagram about the giveaways and promotions within the platform:

- You will be responsible for guaranteeing the operation of the draw, which includes the rules, the conditions of the offer and the suitability requirements (age or geographical, among others), and compliance with the regulations that affect the promotion and the prizes that are offered in it.

- You will not mislabel content or encourage users to do so.

- You must include a complete disclaimer of all liability and an acknowledgment that the promotion is not sponsored by Instagram.

- By using Instagram to run the giveaways, you agree that you do so at your own risk.

How to make giveaways on Instagram step by step:

After knowing what it is and the types, it's time to explain how to make successful Instagram giveaways. Although it seems simple, it is not. Therefore, I’ll show you the steps you must follow:

Objective of your giveaway

Why do you want to do a giveaway? What is your goal with this type of action? Those are the two questions you should ask yourself before creating giveaways on Instagram. Surely your first response has been to generate more sales. That may be one of the reasons that lead you to do it but not the only one. Perhaps, although you have not fallen at this moment, you have others.

Raffle prize

The second step, after marking the objective, is the choice of the prize. The gift must be related to your business and the interests of your buyer personas. The selection of the award plays an important role. This will depend on whether or not you attract users interested in your services or products to your profile. So select an attractive and meaningful prize to ensure a high level of participation. The more valuable the reward, the more participants you will have.

Define the requirements to participate in your giveaway

Depending on the type of giveaway you choose, the possibilities are several: follow your account and like the post, mention one or more users in the comments, publish a photo or video with a hashtag, go to your website, etc.

Best Instagram Giveaway Picker - Start and end date

In the description of the giveaway put the start and end date. If you want you can remember it with a story.

Writing the description of the giveaway on Instagram

Before publishing the giveaway, check the image and text of the post. Correct grammar and spelling errors. Add emojis to make it more attractive. Remember that only the first 150 characters are visible. For this reason, put at the beginning in capital letters.

Hashtags in Instagram giveaways

To increase the reach of the giveaways on Instagram you have to add hashtags. Include tags in your promotion post to reach more people.

How to choose the winner?

You can use various apps, but I recommend that you tryInstagram Giveaway Picker .

Doing giveaways on Instagram is a good technique to improve our brand image and reach new users. It also serves to thank and reward our most loyal fans. Finally, I would like to give you some final advice. Don't run raffles every week or run wild. Plan well and launch them on key dates for your business or seasons.

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