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Verify if the people you meet online are real in the simplest and most hassle-free way possible with the free Facebook checker.

There are a couple of billions of Facebook accounts, but not all of them are real accounts. Based on reports of Facebook itself, there are nearly 100 million fake Facebook profiles running now. Some are innocent dummy accounts created for advertisement, fun, and harmless bragging. However, others were intentionally for disturbing purposes and can be downright dangerous.

Often, these fake Facebook profiles are also a waste of your valuable time. Nowadays, you can get too many friend requests on Facebook, and it can be challenging to identify which ones are real and fake.

Fortunately, you can now easily identify fake profiles to confirm whether you are connected with someone real on the platform or a fake one.

Checking Account Activity FB Online

Facebook currently has no algorithm to check whether an FB account is real or fake, then delete those fake accounts. Verifying an account lies in your hands. Fortunately, that's easier today with a free Facebook checker.

Now, checking account activity on FB of suspicious accounts is possible and convenient. That way, you can vet Facebook users before they can win your trust. Not everyone you find on Facebook is who they claim to be, and the free Facebook checker allows you to stay safe online.

How Does Facebook Checker Works?

The Facebook checker is simple and convenient to use. It does the difficult job of vetting Facebook accounts and profiles for you and your safety. Once you launch the app and get it started, it will analyze the account you want to check. That includes photos in their profile and searching for duplicates over the internet.

The FB checker will usually believe that an account is legitimate if the photo doesn't have any duplicate or attached to the same name when found elsewhere on the internet. However, when a photo is present on different websites and is under different names or doesn't have any associated names, the checker will label it as a fake account.

Is Facebook Checker Free?

Yes. The application is free, making it simpler to discover if you're dealing with a legitimate or fake account on Facebook.

All you need to do to use the software for checking account activity on FB is:

1. Download and install it on your device.

2. Launch the app and sign-in using your FB account.

3. Browse through the FB profiles you want to verify, then tap on the 'Analyze Profile' button.

4. Allow the app to do its job, which usually takes a few seconds or minutes.

. You'll see the results on a new tab on your browser with a detailed analysis of the profile.

On the results, there’s also a sharing option you can find. You can use the link to share the results to warn your friends if a particular account is fake.

Be safe when you're spending time online, and make sure you're only interacting with authentic Facebook users. The free Facebook checker is a useful tool that can help you find fake accounts and take action against them.

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