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How to see posts that you’ve liked on Instagram?

3 minutes read

How to see posts that you’ve liked on Instagram?

Instagram is a great social media. You can post a picture of your recent achievements or upload a video from vacation. You can even create a plan of your day or share an interesting fact. But it is not remotely easy to find a post that you liked because it will drown under tons of new posts.

It seems that posts that you liked have strong inclination to hide. But good news is that there is a place where they could be found. And you will have to do simple steps to get to it.

Before we move on let’s see how posts and stories on Instagram are liked.

Liking or finding content in Instagram - how to see posts that you’ve liked on Instagram?

You like posts and stories on Instagram any time you want and it is not obligatory.

Luckily this social media has intuitive interface. So how to like posts and videos:

  • Launch Instagram application on your smartphone with Android or iOS (or using a PC browser)
  • Enter your account using passcode and login
  • You will see feed with tons of videos and photos from users that are in your subscription list
  • You can use Search button located in the top right corner to find trending posts
  • Each post has a button is a shape of a heart
  • Press this little heart if you like the post

How to like photo and video of specific users on Instagram:

  • Launch Instagram application using your smartphone or a PC browser
  • Log in into your account using name and passcode
  • Press on your photo image in the bottom right corner of the Menu
  • Press Followers button and just watch through photos of users you follow
  • Open any profile you like and find a photo you enjoyed
  • If you want to find a specific user that is not a follower, use a search bar and find a profile
  • You can like any photo as long as the profile is not marked as private

How to like or comment stories on this social media?

You can’t leave a like for a story in the way that has been described. But you can still leave a comment so a user will know your opinion:

  • Launch an Instagram application on your phone or via PC browser
  • Log into your account
  • At the top of the site you will notice stories from your followers and friends
  • Open any story you like and press «Send message» button
  • You can leave any message and even add emotes from the premade list
  • You can send a message with photo or video

How to find liked Instagram posts

  • Log in into your Instagram account.
  • Press on the picture in the bottom right corner.
  • Open the menu by pressing the icon with 3 horizontal lines.
  • Press Settings at the bottom of the menu.
  • Find Accounts/Posts you’ve liked to see all posts.

Why should you look through liked posts on Instagram:

  • You can follow people if you liked their photos
  • You can read only those posts that you really like
  • If you forget to leave a comment you can do it any time you want
  • Read the comment section and look through new messages
  • Revisit great post that you liked

Likes are made not only to express the appreciation. They serve a bookmark so you can look through posts any time you want.

There is a revisit counter for liked posts

Instagram administration created a rule that you can revisit up to 300 liked posts. That is fairly enough for those who use this app occasionally and leave 1-2 likes per day. But for those who scroll through hundreds of posts daily this is a ridiculously unfair limitation.

By the way this option is created only for mobile users – you can’t revisit liked post via PC browser. And you can’t view posts that you only commented but never liked.

How to see posts that you’ve liked on Instagram

Why Instagram administration removes liked posts history?

Some users use likes as some kind of a currency or an instrument to compete with others. Instagram administration decided to conduct an experiment, adding this feature in Canada, Italy, Australia and Japan.

They think that by removing «like history» they make their platform less competitive. The main mission of this social media is sharing things that make people happy, educated and so on.

Their intentions are noble but companies that promote their products are not happy at all. They will have to buy ads

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