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English to Chinese Translation 

The best way to connect with different cultures is to speak in their language. Many linguistics find Chinese as one of the most difficult languages to learn for a native English speaker. More people are looking for easier ways to translate different manuscripts to Chinese to increase the impact of their texts. For example, writers might want to translate their creative works to Chinese to allow their works to impact more people. Businesses, on the other hand, can use Chinese translations as a means of connecting with more businesses in China.

This article shows you everything you need to know about finding the right companies to help you translate your English manuscripts to Chinese. You will also learn more about the translation service and the different kind of translations these companies can provide for you.

Buy Chinese Translations for Your Manuscript 

More companies choose to trade with China for a variety of potential benefits. Apple, for example, exports their manufacturing processes to China to increase the productivity and lessen the costs of their production. Writers also find translators that can help translate their English manuscripts to Chinese to increase their readership.

Many companies specialize in services that translate your manuscripts to Chinese. Some companies created an intricate electronic system that can directly translate your manuscripts to Chinese. Conversely, some companies also choose a more intimate form of translation by hiring professional linguists to translate your texts.

Technical Chinese Translation 

Technical Chinese translation refers to literally creating a Chinese alternative for the manuscript you provided. Some companies hire professional writers with advanced degrees to translate your manuscripts. Many employees are native bilinguals professionally fluent in both Chinese and English. This bilingual ability makes it easier for the translator to shift from one language to another to create the best counterpart of the manuscript in the other language.

These companies also translate your Romanized letters to the Chinese character-based language. This service makes it more convenient for companies to converse with their Chinese partners more transparently and amicably.

However, most of the meaning in the vernacular language might be lost after creating a technical translation to Chinese. More precisely, some messages you intended in English might be lost after translating it to another language. This struggle makes it more difficult for creative writers to translate their manuscripts to another language.

Thus, this translation is only accessible for more professional interactions, and less on creative projects. Technical translation converts your vernacular language into the exact counterpart in Chinese.

Chinese Business Translation 

Business translation is also like traditional technical translation. Business translation considers translating different business jargons into Chinese. These linguists must find a way to translate jargons that does not have a Chinese counterpart.

To create a more accessible business translation, different translation companies hire bilingual Chinese natives that specialize in more professional and business-like fields. Some companies hire tenured businessmen, business graduates, and experienced professionals to translate English manuscripts to Chinese.

Business translations must be completely clear, relevant, and faithfully represented to prevent any misunderstandings from the addressee. Thus, many translators choose to take a word-for-word approach while considering the cultural aspects of the translation process.

Chinese Financial Translation 

Financial translation is a subpart of business translation. However, financial translation refers to translating a business’ financial information to Chinese. This challenge focuses more on the character-based numbers and technicality instead of words. More precisely, translators use their knowledge of the character-based numerical counterparts to faithfully represent financial information.

Aside from being fluent and proficient in two languages, the translator must also understand financial information represented in both cultures. For example, some financial reporting standards might vary, depending on the location and the context of the information. Thus, translators must find that sweet spot between the two languages to create a good counterpart from the original manuscripts.

Most companies also use a more hands-on approach than relying on a system to translate the manuscript. Companies hire professional business-minded employees to apply their financial knowledge in translating a financial report. Some translation companies also provide both a business and financial translation of a client’s manuscript that Chinese companies can easily understand.

Chinese Localization Services 

Localization services primarily modify a subject to make it more accessible for another culture. For example, an American company might want to localize their products to make it more accessible for Chinese customers. This method also increases customer satisfaction and accessibility for a product.

Chinese localization services primarily translate culture accompanied with the words. Translators in this line of work primarily focus on ensuring the company receives the same impact and favor from the Chinese market. Translators focus on framing the company in a way that keeps the company’s image while adhering to the different preferences in a culture.

Many translation companies specialize in reframing the website to make it more localized for other cultures. These companies also localize colors, images, and the layout to accommodate another language.

Formality in the Chinese Translation Business 

Translators are usually the bridge between the English and Chinese language. Thus, translators must use their skills to ensure that the communication between the addresser and the addressee remains intact, despite transferring meaning to the other language. These translation companies must also understand the culture embedded in both countries, and carefully adapt these discrepancies into the translated manuscripts.

These companies must also work well with other cultures needing their services. This line of work primarily involves interacting and doing business with different cultures. Thus, this company must also constantly communicate with the client to ensure that the message remains intact and untarnished throughout the translation.

How to Find a Good Translator 

Company Translator or Freelance Translator 

Some companies hire different bilinguals to translate manuscripts from English to Chinese. However, you can also consider hiring a freelancer to perform the translation process for you. Freelancers are primarily more affordable since this service does not consider other profit margins from corporations. Freelancers also conduct a more intimate communications with their client to keep both parties synchronized.

On the other hand, translation companies are usually more trustworthy, especially if the company is certified by the country’s financial regulatory bodies. Thus, these companies take extra care in ensuring you receive the best quality for the price you paid. However, you might also experience a significant increase in prices, especially if you are doing business with more recognized companies.

Reason for Translating 

The reasons for translating can significantly impact the kind of service you need to look for. If you are looking for a more technical and business-related translation, many companies can offer you successful and accomplished translators to translate your manuscript. This translation also focuses more in creating a word-for-word mirror image of the original manuscript.

However, the same treatment might not work for more creative works like novels, poetry, and short stories. A different kind of translation is required to establish the same impact as the original language. If you are looking for a more creative translator, consider looking for freelancers specializing in creative manuscripts. These translators can also be creative bilingual writers.

Thus, try to understand what kind of manuscript you want to translate. If the manuscript is more technical, you can consider availing the service of different translation companies. However, creative works require a more intimate form of translation to preserve the meaning throughout the translation process.

Do More Research 

Research is extremely important in finding the write company for you. Visit their website and find the different features that set aside the company from its other competitors. Try to find the business model and the entire transaction process to discern if their process works best for you.

If you are looking for a good freelancer, consider finding a freelancer with vast experience in translating manuscripts. You can also view their recommendations from their previous clients to assure you of the freelancer’s performance.

Look for Referrals 

Referrals are extremely important in finding a company’s credibility, especially if it specializes in services rather than products. Try to find the different recommendations from previous customers that talk about the company’s performance. Some companies might also provide a portfolio of their most significant achievements in their website. You can use this portfolio in understanding if the company is the most optimal company for you.

Translating texts is significantly harder than you think. Translators must consider different factors that might affect the message the client intends to convey. Make sure that you find the perfect translation company that can best bring your message to a wider readership.

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