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What is Copywriting? 

Copywriting uses writing as an effective means to create different publicity materials that help sell different products or services. Effective copywriting encourages users to act and buy the product through writing. Copywriting can range from web pages, advertisements, email promotions, magazine advertisements, billboards, and much more. 

Copywriting also extends to numerous branches that aspiring copywriters can specialize in. Many copywriters primarily specialize in SEO marketing, where they find the best popular keywords and center the manuscript around the desired keywords. Other copywriters specialize in email writing that encourages potential buyers to buy the product or service through email. 

The best part about copywriting is how accessible it is for anyone to start performing. Any person, even those without an educational background, can learn to be a successful copywriter. Good freelance copywriters earn much service revenues from clients looking to explore this side of digital marketing. 

SEO Copywriting Services 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of writing an effective copy. Search Engine Optimization ensures that a manuscript stays at the top of a page when an interested party searches for the topic. Effective copywriters spend time browsing through the Internet and search optimization word trackers to find effective keywords to bring their post to the top pages in the search engine. 

Effective SEO strategies primarily incorporate different keywords and sprinkles these words over the entire manuscript. These keywords remind the search engine of the relevance of your manuscript in satisfying a search. Successful SEO strategies can effectively place a website at the top of the search engine to increase the likelihood of people clicking the article. 

This strategy also applies to other marketing strategies like email copywriting, billboard content writing, and the like. These strategies also increase the likelihood of your content appearing on the Internet through the search engine. 

How to Start as a Copywriter 

Copywriting does not require an elegant college degree to begin. Instead, all successful copywriters must possess skills that allow them to stand out over other writers. Although copywriting does not require a college degree, successful copywriters spend time studying and learning different trends to gain an advantage over their competitors. If you are interested in becoming a copywriter, these are a few strategies to start your career. 

Be Proficient in English 

Most copywriters must excel in speaking and writing in English. Successful blog posts are usually in English to increase the accessibility for readers who only understand English. English also increases the chances of your blog posts appearing at the top of the search engine. 

The best way to learn English is to constantly speak and write in the language as much as possible. Try to learn different strategies that can potentially inspire and impact other readers. You can also read different books from accomplished writers to understand the way they communicate with their readers. You can subconsciously inherit their writing style to incorporate into your way of writing in the long run. 

Read Different Copywriting Manuscripts 

Consider reading other copywriting manuscripts from accomplished copywriters. Copywriters usually place their accomplished manuscripts in their portfolio to encourage potential clients to avail of their services. You can also look at the different promotional materials sent to you to see the way companies encourage you to avail of their services. 

You should also receive inspiration in the way they write their written works. Try incorporating these writing styles into yours to learn what makes an effective copywriter. 


The best way to excel in your craft is to constantly practice your skill repeatedly until you get used to it. Take a piece of paper and write out your manuscript about any product you find on the Internet. Compare your writing to successful copywriters and adjust your writing accordingly. 

Do this practice until you feel comfortable writing in your specified field. You can include your accomplished manuscripts in your portfolio for your clients to see. After practicing for a couple of months, you can now search the market for any company looking to hire professional freelance copywriters. 

Start Creating Your Portfolio 

A portfolio is a copywriter’s best friend. A portfolio shows your future clients the previous works you made to assure them of the quality you can provide. This portfolio can range from the different manuscripts you created for different companies, previous referrals from clients, or sample copies you created in your spare time. 

Take more time in creating your portfolio to ensure it best represents your ability to create copies. Consider removing any unnecessary data so your client can only view relevant information. 

Consider Working for Free 

The best way to attract customers is through referrals from your previous clients. However, finding your first client can be an extremely difficult thing to do. Most copywriters provide free services to their potential clients to provide them a taste of the quality they provide. Clients that were satisfied with the work you provided will eventually contact you to make more copies for them. 

This stage also serves as an excellent immersion to understanding other sectors for improvement. You can also work on your closing skills with your clients to ensure you receive the best deal for your services. More importantly, you can also add these works in your portfolio for future clients to see your previous performance. 

How to Pitch Your Copywriting Services 

Understand the Product and Industry 

Consider specializing in industry and focus your firepower only on this industry. This strategy allows you to home in the skill most prevalent and receptive in the industry. For example, if you want to create copywriting manuscripts for tech companies, you can frame all your manuscripts to make them relevant for all tech enthusiasts. 

After finding a company that needs your services, make sure you understand the product before writing about it. The client can also introduce the product to you to make it easier to understand what you need to write about. Attaching yourself to the product also makes it easier to write the manuscript since you serve as a personal testimony of the product’s effectiveness. 

Draft a Product Description 

The challenge here is to describe the product in the most receptive way for the customer. As a copywriter, you need to reimagine this product to make even the basic features seem like a needed feature. This product description can also catch their eye to convince them to continue reading your manuscript. 

Look at the Product Benefits 

The best way to attract more readers to the product is to highlight the potential benefits that the client can benefit from. This strategy does not mean scamming your readers to a sketchy product. Instead, this strategy highlights these benefits to find the clients that can reap these benefits the most. Clients looking for these features can easily buy the product after reading your manuscript. 

You can also consider asking your client for all the product features to easily find the benefits you are looking for. You can also purchase one of the products to test out these benefits to prevent any misconceptions from your copy. 

Keep it Short and Sweet 

The key to a good copy is keeping your words as short and concise as possible. A copy should attract future customers in as short as 100 words. Thus, it takes more time for you to draft these 100 words to make it the most impactful words for your product. Some copywriters choose to relent all the words they want to say in a paper and slowly remove the unnecessary phrases and sentences. 

Try to use more simpler words that future customers can easily understand. Refrain from using more highfalutin words just to sound smart. Sometimes, simpler words can convince customers to continue reading your copy until they feel drawn to the product. 

Ask for Comments 

Revisions are the best way for you to create a copy that can impact other customers. After drafting your copy, submit this to the client for them to see if it reaches their expectations. Be open to constructive criticisms and listen to what the client recommends. Always be willing to revise your copy until your client feels satisfied with the work you did. 

These comments can also serve as a lifelong lesson for you for your future projects. These comments can serve as certain guidelines to ensure you produce the best quality service for your clients. 

The biggest takeaway from this article is understanding how important copywriting is for a product’s success. A successful writer should be able to help customers find the perfect product through writing. More importantly, copywriting is a skill that any person can attain after meticulous and training over time. While competition in the copywriting industry is vastly growing, your skills can help you stand out from the overwhelming competition. 

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