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How to Scale a Product on Facebook

3 minutes read

Facebook Business Manager Tips

With over 2.7 billion monthly users, Facebook is a powerful tool for branding and product promotion. Success with scaling a product on Facebook begins with the accounts used to manage the campaigns.
In this AccFarm-exclusive guide, you’ll learn simple yet effective methods that will teach you how to scale a product on Facebook, effectively.
Once you’ve found a product you're confident will produce endeavor-worthy returns, learning to promote it via Facebook Ads is the next essential step to driving traffic and generating sales. Whether new to Facebook Ads or a media-buying guru with years of experience, this guide will reform your approach to leveraging the most powerful, traffic-generating platform to its full potential. We'll also share techniques for maximizing results and avoiding ad-spend-limit restrictions.

Using Verified Business Manager Accounts - Ads, Results, Profits

If you've encountered issues with running ads due to ad-spend limitations, the easiest solution is purchasing a ‘verified’ Business Manager account. For those hearing of these for the first time, verified BM accounts allow publishers to run campaigns without ad-spend limits. These accounts are great for those wanting to increase traffic as the more accounts in your arsenal the greater your audience reach becomes. Verified accounts, while providing limitless ad-spending power, need to be treated with care.
Depending on the trustability and actions of the profile in which the BM account is connected, limits can be decreased, so advertise and promote with mindfulness. Verified accounts provide the flexibility of leveraging greater reach without the large, up-front expense.

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AccFarm – Quality Accounts for Promoting your Product on Facebook

With accounts accommodating budgets of all sizes, we offer Business Manager accounts bundled with well-established social profiles to strengthen account integrity and to appear as legitimate as possible. From aged to demographic-based accounts, AccFarm provides accounts of all types to meet your ad-publishing requirements. Marketers are beginning to buy Business Manager accounts due to the challenging steps involved with creating an account yourself. For one, on your own account, compared to our, getting your ad-spend limits raised will be increasingly more difficult.

Our solution simplifies the process with accounts that allow instant-ad publishing; avoid the delayed start times you'd likely encounter if creating a Business Manager account yourself. Plus, our aged accounts give you instant credibility with Facebook's algorithm which is invaluable to the integrity of your account and campaigns. Promoting a product using our verified Business Manager accounts couldn't be simpler, to get started:

  • Visit the AccFarm BM marketplace.
  • Select your needed quantity.
  • Checkout as a guest or register an AccFarm account (suggested)
  • Await the account details to your email or account.

Promoting a Product on Facebook – Pixel Marketing and Retargeting

Pixel marketing, or often called, Retargeting, allows publishers to measure cross-device conversions in addition to creating custom audiences based on website visitors. This process is simple. When someone visits your website and performs an action, such as making a purchase, the embedded pixel will log this activity. This gives you powerful data in the form of showing how audiences are interacting with your ads and engaging with your properties. As conversions grow, Facebook's AI will learn which audiences performed best for your site and will conversion-optimize your campaigns for improved results that grow with your business. While product promotion via pixel-sharing is a more time-consuming process compared to running ads on BM accounts, the results can still make it a worthwhile investment.

Getting Started with Pixel Sharing

For marketers in gray-hat or darker niches, pixel marketing is your best bet. Reason being, black-hat-affiliated niches are not compatible with Business Manager accounts, even with ones that are verified. That said, what all is required to get started with pixels to promote your product? First things first, you will need a Facebook account, ideally, one with activity and post history. Next, you will need to create and link a Business Manager account so the pixel-creation feature activates.
Keep in mind, the Business Manager account you create for the purpose of generating a pixel should never be used to run ads.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

First, log in as the account owner and navigate to "Pixels". Designate the pixel to a 'new' partner and input the Business Manager account’s identification number. You can also go to Business Settings in your Business Manager account, select your profile, click Data Sources, proceed to Pixels, and click the + sign.

Step One: Visit your Pixel Settings in Business Manager. Go to “Data Sources” and then “Pixels”, as imaged below:


Step Two: Ensure your account is added to ‘Manage Pixel’ settings. If not, select 'Add People' to assign it.


Step Three: The next step is to choose the 'Assign Partner' feature. If this option isn't viewable it's likely due to NOT being logged in as the Business Manager account's Owner. To fix, visit this page while logged in as this role and complete the permission-sharing process.


Step Four: Assign the account with the Manage Pixel role and enter the BM ID with which you want to share the pixel.


Once done, you’ll officially be ready to start your retargeting campaigns. ? On some BMs you don’t always have the opportunity to accept the pixel immediately. Usually one bill for an ad campaign should allow you to do this. Sharing a pixel to your business manager accounts allows you to promote a single product from several BMs. Sharing to multiple BMs will also help you to bypass limitations as BM accounts do, inherently, have some limits. The benefits of pixel sharing are instantly noticeable and allow for quicker campaign ROI. This is because the pixel has information already stored related to performance-based metrics that offer important insights into how your product is performing. In theory, that a Business Manager account being banned does not affect the account that created the pixel. However, this may change in future FB updates. To get started with a verified Business Manager account, head over to the AccFarm marketplace for an account that will supercharge your campaign performance and boost your product sales.
AccFarm has years of FB-ads experience and has been establishing ad-related accounts for longer than most competing vendors have been around. For a service that offers true-ROI performance, use AccFarm-made accounts to scale a product on FaceBook quicker than ever possible before.

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