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Instagram: Its benefits and why you can count on Instagram stories to promote your business Instagram is one of the social networks with the most numbers of followers today. One of the characteristics that makes it different from the rest of the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr, is that its photographs are square with the format of Polaroid cameras, honoring Kodak Instamatic.

Today there are many companies that use Instagram to make themselves known in the market, promote their signature, have a large audience and connect with the public through comments and publications. If you are considering using Instagram with a company profile but you have some doubts about the functions that this social network can give you, here are some.

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Business Profile: the Instagram tool for your business profile This is the name of the tool that companies can use to show their profile to users. It allows you to choose the way in which to contact customers (email, phone or message). Add your location where the business is located and the best way to reach it so that your clients can go physically. Point out what type of business it is. Put the link that redirects you to the page or landing page. To access all this is thanks to a contact button that facilitates interactions.

You can use our free Instagram Story Viewer software, you can watch competitor stories anonymously on our website.

Its advantages IG:

- You have access to Instagram Analytics about your followers and publications (we will talk about it below).

- Many of the posts made on Instagram can be promoted as ads.

- It allows you to add links to stories.

Instagram analytics for businesses

It is very useful since it allows you to know the statistics of your company. In each content we will find three metrics: Impressions, the number of times your content has appeared to other users; Reach, the times that users have seen your publications; Engagement, the number of comments and likes the post has received. You can also find many more metrics such as obtaining information on your followers, demographic data, gender, age, interests, what time your profile is visited or when they see your publications. Taking into account all this data, it is easier for the content you go or have created to be the right one for your followers.

Instagram Shopping

It allows you to give various styles of purchase in which the customer can see a photo. Click on the product you want and see all the data for the genre individually. In summary, it is so that e-commerce can add prices to the photos, so that while you are viewing a publication you can buy one of the objects that appear in it. This feature was one of the new features that Instagram added to the business tools platform in 2016.

Customer Support It is a customer service channel that is quite close to the customer, where you can personally solve problems for users. In this way, you listen to the different opinions they have of your business and the suggestions that they themselves offer with the intention of improving your company.

And next we will talk about Instagram stories, a feature that distinguishes Instagram from other social media platforms!

Instagram Story Viewer: Why is it so important for business?

If you are an entrepreneur or you plan to start a digital business, there is no doubt that you will be interested in knowing the benefits of Instagram stories. And even more so if you take into account that social network already has more than 1,220 million users, as revealed by the latest Digital 2021 report carried out by We Are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite.

Having a presence on Instagram can be very useful for entrepreneurs who want to publicize their business, enhance their brand image and increase sales. Although there are many types of publications that have a place in this social network launched in 2010, this time we will talk about the benefits of Instagram stories for entrepreneurs. Do you dare to discover them?

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories or Instagram Stories can be defined as a type of audiovisual content that disappears 24 hours after its publication. One of the main advantages of Instagram stories is that they support images, GIFs, texts and short videos that also accept the insertion of emojis, music, drawings, stickers, location and much more.

If we focus on the benefits of Instagram stories for entrepreneurs, we can highlight the following:

Tell stories

As its name suggests, stories are ideal for telling stories through funny images and videos that will keep your audience 鈥渉ooked鈥 and encourage them to click on the icon of your brand or company. Post varied content As we have commented previously, Instagram stories support a wide range of formats, such as conventional photographs, boomerangs (GIF), superzoom (add backgrounds to videos), rewind (play a video in reverse), direct, short videos or messages in the form of text.

Create polls

Surveys can be of great help to find out what your audience likes and what their main needs are. Did you know that you can publish your polls through Instagram Stories? Thanks to them, you will be able to know the opinion of your audience and obtain feedback that will give you the opportunity to improve many aspects of your business, product or service.

Add links in your history

If your Instagram account already exceeds 10,000 followers, you will have the opportunity to add in your stories a link that points to your store or website thanks to a functionality baptized with the name of "swipe up". Benefits of Instagram stories for entrepreneurs

Segment the public

Segmentation allows you to divide your audience into groups to be able to send you information related to their tastes, interests and preferences. You can also view the Instagram Stories of your rival companies and if you don't want to appear 鈥渟py鈥, you can use the Instagram Story Viewer.

Instagram Stories offers this option by giving the user the opportunity to select the people and / or companies that will see their story.

Automate Instagram Stories for free

Currently, there are tools that allow you to schedule publications on social networks such as Instagram. Thanks to them, it will not be necessary for you to spend the whole day in front of your computer or mobile phone, since you will be able to choose the ideal moment to spread your post.

Free Instagram Story Viewer - Analyze

Just by clicking on the icon in the stories section, you will be able to see which people have seen your publication and what their reactions have been, which will help you discover if the stories have been successful. If you have started your own business and want to promote it through social networks, remember that taking advantage of the benefits of Instagram stories will help you achieve your goals and objectives.
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