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ROI Calculator – How to Make Sound Investment Decisions

ROI Calculator

You can use a free ROI calculator to and quickly estimate how much money you earned from your investment or how much you lost. It saves both your time and effort in calculating and analyzing your investments.

What Is the ROI?

Return of Investment or ROI is a widespread and common metric to calculate or estimate your investment’s profitability and efficiency. It directly measures how much you're going to earn on a particular investment based on your investment cost.

What Is an ROI Calculator?

The ROI is a critical part of any financial decision. As an investor, it's important to measure how effective a certain investment will be or how much income you will generate from it before actually making that investment.

Don't be in the dark when making investments, whether for personal purposes or a business. Even if you're not a math wizard, you can verify if an investment is worth it or not, thanks to the free ROI calculator you can find online.

An ROI calculator is the easiest content tool that can do the difficult job of calculating revenue growth and cost savings, so you won’t have to do it yourself.

How Does ROI Calculators Work?

An ROI Calculator expresses your investment’s ROI in percentage, which is the quotient of net profit or loss of your investment and its outlay or initial cost.

How to Use the ROI Calculators?

Computing your investment’s ROI using a free ROI calculator is as simple as providing the necessary information, including:

1. The principal amount of your investment.

2. Date when you made your investment.

3. The initial amount returned on your investment.

4. Date when you received the initial return on your investment.

5. Click the ‘calculate’ button on the calculator.

The results that the ROI calculator can generate from this information include both your investment's ROI and its annualized ROI. You can use these results to compare the results yielded on your different investments and define which ones are more profitable.

Benefits of ROI Calculator

There are a couple of ways how an ROI Calculator online can help you, your investments, and your business. Although it has a couple of limitations, like not considering an investment’s holding period, the ROI calculator can still give you fairly decent financial details.

1. It can help you put numbers to your product or service's value. It provides well-detailed financial content to help you make a well-informed buying or investing decision.

2. It helps you explore potential returns on the investment opportunities you currently have.

3. It can help you decide and compare different investment opportunities by comparing each of their possible returns.

4. As ROI's can change from time to time, the ROI calculator can help you monitor your investment.

5. The ROI calculator can also help you and your business measure and understand the competition around your market.

ROI is a critical measurement that can define which investments are worthy of your time and not. With a free ROI calculator, you can conveniently get well-detailed information on your profit margins and more, so you don’t have to stay in the dark when making investments.

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