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Facebook BM and Marketplace Accounts Best Practices

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Facebook has become the gold standard of marketing. From Business Manager accounts to traditional Facebook Marketplace posts, there are many pursuable routes.
Facebook delivers billions of monthly impressions to ad campaigns and marketplace listings and is a great place to sell products and grow a business. With impressive numbers have come brilliant strategies. To the general public, Facebook is an engaging and enjoyable platform where they can escape reality by reading posts and checking in on friends.
To us money-hungry entrepreneurs, Facebook is much more than that. Facebook is great at the service they provide which means us marketers have a targetable audience size unlike that of any other platform.
With Facebook, reaching laser-targeted users based on location and interests has become easier than ever before, especially with the use of retargeting and pixel-tracking technologies (more on that later).
As the pinnacle of all marketing-campaign goals; targeted audience reach has become a breeze on Facebook with the techniques compiled in this guide. Due to popular demand and many requests, AccFarm has published this guide to teach Facebook-marketing hopefuls how to buy Facebook accounts and achieve success on the platform.

Advertising on Facebook – Methods to Pursue

The number of ways to leverage Facebook's audience is extensive.
Depending on your product, service, and niche, there are a few ways to get your message and products in front of buyer-happy viewers. From an Advertising Acoount to Business Manager and Marketplace, there are many options to reaching your target audience:

Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace allowing people to buy and sell products with others local to them. Most transactions take place outside of the app but can be facilitated through Facebook's built-in payment processor. Think Facebook-meets-Craigslist as it's a collaboration of the two in terms of features and technology. At the moment, Facebook Marketplace is not available in every region of the world, but if you're reading this post, it likely is where you're located. Facebook is currently working on adding FB marketplace to more countries every year. Adding to that, access to Facebook's marketplace is granted only to aged and history-rich accounts that have demonstrated non-selling activity on the platform.

Furthermore, you can only list items for sale from the location in which your Facebook account is registered. For example, a US-made account cannot list items for sale in Canada’s marketplace.

Advertising Account:

Similar to how marketplace can be used, Advertiser accounts can publish and manage ad campaigns in the region in which the account is registered, but you can still target audiences in other countries as long as the country of registration is in the target list. By default, all personal accounts receive an Advertiser account that comes in the name used on the profile. You also have the option of creating secondary ad accounts. Under Ads Manager, you can view your ad accounts, campaign statuses, your chosen currency, and the amount spent on publishing.

Business Manager Account:

Your Business Manager account acts like a bookshelf where all your projects sit.

If working on several projects, having a Business Manager account is a must; can see how all of your campaigns are performing from one dashboard.
This saves you time and energy that could be better spent researching the next product you'll promote. Here at AccFarm, our marketplace offers some of the highest quality, verified ‘Business Manager’ accounts around. They're also bundled with personal/social accounts that ensure safe operations and issue-free management. To jumpstart product performance and sales on Facebook, you can buy a Business Manager account from our store and avoid the campaign-launch delays that non-aged, freshly-made accounts encounter. Waste no time and get results when you need them, our accounts provide quick-marketplace access and the ability to launch ads from the start (not in weeks).

Using Facebook Marketplace and Advertising Efficiently

If using Marketplace, you must first purchase an account registered in the country in which you want to target. You can choose a country-specific account from our store or submit a custom request for our team to accommodate. If marketing with an Advertiser account, again, the region you're accessing marketplace in needs to match the country on the Facebook accounts user credentials. However, with AccFarm, you can avoid this marketing bottleneck with tactics we use to bring our clients the results their campaigns deserve. Perhaps being the most effective way to advertise on Facebook; our team makes use of Facebook's Pixel feature enabling us to target limitless regions. In many cases, it's a small town or city in order to target local, laser-targeted audiences interested in a very specific product or service.

There are some downsides to an Advertiser Account which you should know:

  1. You might be limited in launching ad campaigns with a big spending.

  2. Be careful when adding a credit card to your Advertiser account. If your card initials do not match with the initials of your account, your Advertiser account may end up blocked. With Business Manager accounts, things are simplified even more.
    With BMs, you can connect a social account from any region and use it to advertise in any desired country. When doing this, it's recommended you set the currency to the local currency of the country you're targeting to reduce inaccurate conversion reporting and ad expenditures

Facebook Advertising Tips

There are a number of Advantages to a Business Manager Account for you to remember:

  1. The limits on an Advertiser Account range between $10 to $25. A BM limits between $50 and an Unlimited account.

  2. If your Advertiser Account gets blocked, you must create a new Facebook account. If your BM account gets blocked you can add a new BM to your Facebook Account.

If you decide to add a Business Manager, make sure that your Facebook Account is of the highest quality. The limits on your BM will depend of the level of trust of your Facebook account. You do not want to lose access to your BM because of a minor error, for example a budget excess on an ad campaign. Therefore do not forget to make reserve copies for an invite of an additional admin to your BM.

As mentioned before, the limits on your BM will depend of the level of trust of your Facebook account. If you will spend regularly with a limit of $50 and reach a bill of $800-900, your limit can be raised to $250 in 2-3 weeks. A BM with a $50/250 limit can be raised to a $350 limit if it has a good level of trust. You may verify your BM as this will lift any limit from your BM. You should still use good payment systems, a trusted account and you should not have any previously blocked BMs.

It is also important to know the limit level on the bills. It may vary from the country of registration and the level of trust. An initial limit can be raised from $25 to $250 after you spend several thousands of dollars on your BM.

Facebook was created as a way for college classmates to stay in touch.
It has since evolved into a hub for advertising, sharing, and content creation. It has also become a medium for marketers wanting to advertise products and reach targeted audiences. The variety of ways targeting can be done allows digital entrepreneurs the chance to maximize ad-spends and to increase downloads, conversions, and leads.
This is why 55% of marketers choose Facebook as their primary source of traffic. In today's highly-competitive world of marketers competing for dominance among each other, there are some Facebook advertising tips to follow to ensure you maintain your competitive edge.

Here are tips you should follow to maximize your Facebook advertising performance:

  • • Analyze qualitative metrics.
  • • Use Facebook's Ad-targeting feature.
  • • Test unique creative designs/assets to assess outcomes.
  • • Analyze the actions of visitors after clicking your ad.
  • • Avoid integrating new trends into your overall strategy.
  • • Draw inspiration from competitor work.
  • • Publish content that's short, sweet, and to the point.
  • • Don't over-obsess with vanity metrics.
  • • Focus on providing a great mobile experience for users.
  • • Experiment with video content.
  • • Test different ad formats.
  • • Optimize page-load speeds.
  • • Convert well-performing content into publishable ads.

We thank you for visiting our guide and anticipate collaborating with you.
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