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My Account is Blocked when Logging into Facebook - Why is this Happening?

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As a leading provider that sets the industry standard rather than meeting it, we provide ease-of-access service to the accounts you need while offering the steps essential to managing them safely. AccFarm is a client-centric brand ensuring users have access to the accounts they need and the knowledge required for using them securely.

A common question we receive from users is: why is my account blocked when I log into Facebook?

This frequent inquiry compelled us to publish this guide. Today, we’ll discuss ways to safely manage Facebook accounts to avoid login-related issues likely to be encountered otherwise. As with most SM platforms, Facebook uses an algorithm to verify account-related credentials during the log-in process. Their advanced algorithm takes many factors into consideration when authenticating a user’s login. From IP addresses to cookies, they detect multiple user-agent data points to verify the account is being accessed from the account holder. To help our users avoid problems, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to avoid issues with accessing and using your accounts.

Tips for Using a Facebook Account

A rule-of-thumb everyone should follow; always use the same IP address and device on one account. If you are using the account on desktop you should use the same browser. Using multiple IP addresses looks incredibly unnatural and can lead to recurring login-related issues.
If accessing Facebook from your desktop, the browser will act as your 'device'. Desktop-based account logins can use one account per browser assuming each is using a unique IP address. If managing multiple accounts, using anti-detection browsers or multi-login apps will help you to use several accounts at the same time without the risk of being noticed by the social platform.

What Proxy should I use for my Facebook account?

Choosing the correct IP address for your account is vital to the longevity of the account.
The safest, most-secure option is dedicated, residential proxies.
VPN's or public proxies that are used by others in mass volumes to login to accounts of their own are the sure-fire ways to encounter login issues. Be advised that a VPN is similar to a shared proxy and there is still a risk that someone might be using the same IP at the same time. Publicly-shared IP's can lead to your account being compromised or flagged for review by FB’s account integrity team. Facebook's algorithm limits the number of IP addresses that can access a given account. If you use a VPN to register/operate an account, there's a chance someone else used the same IP to create their account. If this happens, your account will likely be closed and permanently banned from the platform, resulting in the loss of your work in growing the account. This is why dedicated, residential proxies are must-have addresses; they ensure you’re registering and using accounts from IP’s not used by others. Furthermore, using a proxy from the region registered on your account is important to appearing natural; always use a country-specific address.

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Don’t Mass-Send Messages Upon Account Creation on Facebook

Facebook’s algorithm is incredibly advanced and designed to detect unnatural account actions.

It is advisable not to make any interactions on a social account upon the first login. Close your facebook tab and let your account adjust for at least 24 hours as any social platform will deem any action suspicious. Spam is one of the most common reasons an account is banned. Accounts flagged for spam-related actions are typically not blocked immediately but inevitably will be, eventually.
Messaging accounts not in your friends list upon account creation is one way Facebook's spam-detection bot can flag your account. From their viewpoint, brand-new accounts sending lots of personal messages are considered fake profiles as this is an action untypical to authentic accounts used by real people. If actions deviate from what the algorithm considers to be normal behavior, including but not limited to, running ads or changing profile settings upon first-time login, you’ll risk the chance of an account ban. Safely operating Facebook accounts requires your actions to mimic those of a real user. Important! Once you buy Facebook account and receive the login credentials from us, it's essential to the account’s health that you avoid changing profile information when logged in. Since this is abnormal behavior for a real user, you want to keep the account credentials original, at least for a while, to avoid unnecessary suspicion from their bot.

Adding Friends and Growing your Facebook Accounts – The DOS and DONTS

As mentioned, maintaining the behavior of an authentic user is vital to the longevity of your accounts. Because of this, it's important to add no more than twenty friends per day to your account and no more than fifteen if you want to play it safe; which we recommend you always do. Exceeding the twenty-friend limit will surely raise suspicion and may result in losing your account from day one. Adding multiple friends, publishing offensive/sensitive content, and mass-spamming groups are all actions you want to avoid, especially during the infant stages of your account. If your account has already some friends, do not add new ones in the first days. When adding new friends, make sure that they are from the same country and city of your account. Adding friends en masse will result in an immediate block of your account.

Third-Party Scripts for Facebook

Any suspicion of a virus or third party script will result in an account block. Scripts can range from browser plug-in tools that manage account credentials to desktop-based, IP-management software.
If such scripts or software are detected by Facebook’s AI, the account will be viewed as compromised/stolen and will be banned. If you are using several accounts on a single device, you may use third party anti detection browsers but you must be careful as these programs can still be detected by facebook. This, in addition to changing the IP address used to log in or updating account registrant credentials, are questionable actions in the eyes of their bot and will lead to account closure. So, this leads us to a close-out question we're here to answer: What should I do to prevent my account from being blocked? Simple, use your account as a REAL user would. Really, it's that easy. Behave like a normal user, use the same IP address for a particular account, and don't alter account credentials. If the actions you're considering are ones you wouldn't take on your personal account, don't do them. Don't send too many personal messages, post to your accounts slowly and consistently, and most importantly, avoid joining groups until the account has aged with some activity; this is an action resulting in the loss of many accounts.

Facebook Accounts done RIGHT

Whether for personal or IM-related endeavors, AccFarm accounts are developed using stringent quality guidelines to ensure account integrity for our users. Quality-built profiles using images and account-specific, user-agent details enable us to hand-off accounts in a way that’s safe, secure, and reliable. Assuming safe operations, our accounts are designed for long-term use that can withstand the test of time and will provide years of use if properly managed. Of course, AccFarm’s support team stands by round-the-clock to extend support and answer inquiries for clients with ordering or account-management questions. We look forward to collaborating and delivering you an account-buying experience you won’t soon forget.

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