Softreg PVA VK Account Female Gender with 100 Friends and Content added to the Profile

Product specifications

Account typeSoftreg Vkontakte (VK) Accounts
Registaration date:
Account name alphabetLatin or Cyrilic
Registaration IP GeoYes
Email verificationNospan>
Email registrationNo
Email adress inclusionNot Included
Phone registrationYes
Phone verificationYes

Format Preview:

Order of more than 3 Accounts may take up to 48 Hours to Deliver.


Softreg VKontakte accounts More than 100 Friends (friends and subscribers in total). Friends are obtained through mutual subscription groups. Accounts are verified by SMS Gender is female. Content added to the Profile (about yourself, photos, records, reposts, video, audio, etc. Some fields may be intentionally left blank.) The format of issued accounts. login: password:ID Important: Make sure you use Russian Proxy before you login.
Vkontakte (VK) account
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