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Strategies you can use to Generate Customer Reviews for Shopify Stores

The most effective way to increase e-commerce sales is by using product reviews. Customer reviews influence their decision to make a purchase to a large extent as they look at online reviews prior to making a purchase. The buying process can be greatly influenced by customer reviews. You can easily boost on-page conversions by adding a lot of customer reviews to your store. Reviews of real customers can inspire a new, or potential buyer to buy the product. This is why you need to generate or buy Shopify reviews from trusted sites.

By reading consumer reviews from like-minded people or shoppers in similar situations, prospective shoppers can grasp more details that are relevant to them. Reviewers encourage shoppers to share details about the product and about themselves so that others can find and read reviews from people with similar body types and weights to themselves.

Is Shopify legit to buy from

The Shopify platform itself is not fraudulent. In essence, they are a support site for e-commerce businesses, acting as a collection agency to enable their sales online similar to Wirecard.

Are the Shopify App reviews legitimate?

There is no definite answer to this question since there are numerous Shopify App reviews out there alleging to provide legitimate reviews. A little research can help you find out if the App is real or not. Previous users and ratings may provide a clue.

Getting review or your Shopify store

It is important for customers today to know that other people have been buying your product, as well as both good and bad product reviews. Here are some of the ways you can get reviews, also included is how you can buy Shopify reviews cheap and in bulk from a reputable site like Accfarm.

Asking for reviews through social media

You can post testimonials or quotes to Instagram once you've received a few. People can be encouraged to submit their reviews by sending messages or emails directly to the editor. If you want to share your review as well, include a reminder in the caption that says, "Would you like to be featured as well?” Write us an email or send a direct message at [insert email address].

In social media, you can also ask for reviews by responding to posts for which people have tagged you.

If you want, you can also ask them to include their content and caption about your business on your profile. It's also possible to ask them directly if they can write a review and include a link to the product page on your behalf so the process is simple. 

Asking for reviews over SMS

When it comes to retail marketing, SMS is the perfect channel for getting customer feedback. It is possible to facilitate the distribution of an automated text message after the customer has received their order one to two weeks after it was received. Make sure you include a link to the product they purchased so that they can easily leave a review on their smartphone. 

Educate your customers about the importance of reviews 

Make sure to explain why your business relies on customer reviews. Follow-up emails can be sent after customers have made a purchase. You might be able to convince them to support you by explaining how reviews build trust and help grow your business. 

Make a simple process for submitting a Shopify review

It is annoying when you visit a website and are unable to navigate certain pages. The likelihood of leaving this site without taking any action is high here. In this case, too, the concern is with making it easy for the customers to write reviews.

Forms that are too complex and ask too many questions will discourage customers. Therefore, leave product links on relevant pages, especially if you want your process to be simple. You want the process to be quick and simple for customers who visit your store and wish to purchase products.

You should email your customers

Make sure you take advantage of your customers' reviews. Sending emails to them will encourage them to write reviews for you. Once a customer has received their order, send them an automatic email asking for a review. They will be prompted by email to share their experiences with your store's products. 

Give rewards for submitting reviews

When customers leave a review, you can award them points from your loyalty program. Providing rewards for completing the desired action is a great way to motivate customers. Maintaining the relationship with your customers would be easier with a loyalty program. The next time they shop, they will be more inclined to do so. Credibility is built by loyalty programs, so give your customers the opportunity to earn rewards by leaving reviews.

Give customers order delivery date choice

There is nothing more important to every customer than having the option of choosing the time and date of delivery. However, the most important fact to remember is that not every retailer offers that option, so most don't see it while they're shopping.

If you don't want your customers to be concerned, you can install the Delivery Date & Store Pickup app and let them pick a custom delivery time and date. Furthermore, no coding skills are required to manage it.

Customers will be more likely to leave feedback and reviews if they are satisfied with the product. As a result, 50% fewer cart abandonments will occur. Various payment methods like PayPal, Google Pay, and Stripe can be provided to your customers for their convenience.

Set up product recommendations

You can entice your customers back to your store by recommending products. Be sure to ask them for product reviews while sending them emails with product recommendations. As a result, this will encourage them to purchase more and recommend products to their friends and relatives.

Show your total review score

It is best to show your customer's total review score to make their minds lean towards buying from your store. The majority of customers purchase products after reading the reviews of the previous buyers. They will see what their experiences were with the product and after seeing it, they will decide whether or not to buy it. The users who have already purchased from your store should be able to see the total review score on your store. 

Create an automated customer review process that scales 

You're guaranteed to get more customer reviews by automating your review process so that it scales with your business, thereby making asking for reviews easier. 

Building social proof can be achieved by having regular testimonials and reviews in your business. Your retail business can build more trust if there are more reviews. Also, it's important to consistently get new reviews, as old ones aren't as helpful in converting new shoppers to paying ones.

Keeping your daily business practices in mind will allow you to ask your customers for reviews: 

  • Customer feedback should always be asked by your salespeople and customer service representatives.

  • Keep loyal customers reminded to leave reviews. 

  • Use automation campaigns to ask for reviews. 

  • You can include review links in the order confirmation email or thank you page. 

  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your social media pages by posting between three and five testimonials each month.

Buy Shopify Reviews 

Where can you buy Shopify reviews? Let us first note that buying reviews is not a bad thing. The act is not prohibited by any law. Today, there is a trend among several businesses to buy reviews to boost their online presence. It's crucial to buy reviews from a reliable source to be successful. While several sites claim to sell authentic Shopify reviews, it is always prudent to be cautious of new sites and those without reviews from previous customers. Websites like these might be scams or might not deliver what you expect. 

It is possible to buy Shopify reviews from an established provider such as Acfarm, which is well known for offering high-quality reviews on the market for some time now. Their performance on review sites such as Trustpilot also compares favorably to their competitors. 

Buy quality Shopify Reviews 

Reviewing, in general, is unnecessary if the reviews will not achieve the goal they were designed for. If you buy quality Shopify reviews, you can be certain they are from real users and are not fakes.

Only trusted social media platforms can provide good reviews. You may want to look for money-back guarantees, efficient customer service, and previous customer reviews. It is suspicious if a website that purports to sell reviews lacks these characteristics. When you are looking to buy quality Shopify reviews, be sure to choose one that is reputable.

Shopify Ratings and Reviews

The more positive ratings and reviews you have on your Shopify store the better for your business. But too many positive or negative Shopify ratings and reviews on your profile may raise a red flag. So be sure to balance. 

Buy Shopify Reviews Cheap and Bulk

Even though the price is an important factor in any purchase activity, quality is equally important. Reviews can be purchased from a variety of sources and differ in price depending on the package you want. Accfarm, for instance, helps you buy Shopify reviews cheap and bulk. For $89.95, for example, you can get 5 quality reviews.               


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