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Quickest ways to generate or buy iTunes reviews you don’t want to miss!

Would you like your iTunes podcasts to receive more attention? The following article will explain exactly how you can easily improve your ranking by increasing reviews and ratings!

The main reason why iTunes reviews are important has to do with your Podcast ranking. iTunes works similarly to SEO. It utilizes a confidential algorithm to rank Podcasts on the front page and different pages of Podcasts. Apple has not made public the exact formula for this. But we can assume that iTunes checks; all-time downloads, how long your Podcast has been active, how many downloads happen immediately after you release a new episode, and the rating and reviews you have.

Your podcast will have a better chance of gaining a reputation on iTunes when you have some positive ratings and reviews as well as becoming more visible to more potential listeners.

What are iTunes Reviews?

iTunes reviews are the reactions or feedback given by your listeners, to express what they think of your Podcast or the experience they had listening to it. Reviews can be negative or positive depending on your listeners' experience. You can buy iTunes reviews or generate them organically on your own.

You can buy iTunes reviews from trusted platforms like Accfarm with long-term experience in the market. But before we talk more about that, let's also see some other ways you can attract more reviews on iTunes.

How do I get more iTunes reviews?

End with a call-to-action

Podcasters often ask for ratings and reviews at the beginning of the episode or even during the episode itself. The solution, while preferable to nothing, is not the most efficient.

It would not be reasonable to expect people to stop what they are doing during a commute to leave you a review given that most podcasts are consumed during commutes. Additionally, one never knows if someone is listening to a show for the first time, so it wouldn't make sense to bore them right away with all of the big requests.

Consider recording a quick segment of about 15 seconds to include at the end of the show, ideally after the "formal" part is complete. This will make it much easier for your listeners to remember the call-the-action when they are in the middle of an activity.

Make the most of your network

Utilize your network if you want to increase ratings and reviews. To get your show off the ground, this should be your first strategy when you launch it. A good strategy is to come up with a list of people who you think will be of assistance. Try to visualize your colleagues, friends, family, or perhaps even people you haven't seen in a while. It's better to warm up different contacts beforehand than to send out a cold pitch and copy-paste it to hundreds of people.

It is best to start with an email that gets them excited about your podcast and could end with a question that gets them thinking about it. By doing this, your email won't come across as spammy, and the reviews you get will be much greater than otherwise.

There might be people in your network who don't know how to leave reviews, ratings, or even know about podcasts. That's why it's helpful to create a logical step-by-step tutorial that helps guide people through the process.

Provide a giveaway 

Winning free stuff is exciting to many people, especially when the prize is related to their interests. Giveaways have the potential to dramatically increase your ratings, and you can utilize that power. The best thing about it is that you do not have to use any fancy software to use it.

Your audience will love the prize if you choose it well and pick the deadline. You should require your audience to email you with their Apple ID after leaving a review or rating. This will verify the people and the contestants. By doing this, you'll know who truly dedicated their time to taking part in the giveaway.

Add a signature to your email

The vast majority of people send a lot of emails every day. Add a call-to-action showing how people can rate the show and leave a review of your show?

You can achieve great results using this strategy even though it seems overly simple. You should try different call-to-actions, and track all clicks if you want to get the maximum benefit from this tactic.

Show notes with call to action

Show-notes are a good idea for your podcast, as they are SEO friendly and can easily communicate the highlights of a particular episode. Furthermore, show-notes offer the possibility to include as many calls to action as you want, including ones to encourage ratings and reviews.  

You can leverage your podcast guests

Interviews on a podcast will bring you in contact with many different types of people. There might be no other method you can use, but if you rely on your podcast guests, you can gradually add a lot of ratings and reviews call-to-actions as you want, including a pitch for ratings and reviews.

Create a good show

There are a bunch of popular podcasts out there with tens of thousands of ratings. They didn't set out to get high ratings; they left thousands of ratings for a show that delivered value and made a difference in the lives of listeners. Positive iTunes reviews and ratings will be the byproduct of putting out great episodes after great episodes.

Buy Quality iTunes Reviews

Most of the options used to increase reviews can be difficult to follow through. But you don’t have to worry. You can still buy iTunes reviews that will achieve the same thing for you. The only thing you need to be aware of is the site you are buying from. There are so many of them these days claiming to sell reviews. However, you can’t trust all of them. Some people have told horror stories of how they lost money thinking they will buy quality iTunes reviews.

You can avoid being part of the statistics of those that have been scammed online, by choosing trusted sites such as Accfarm to buy iTunes reviews. Accfarm has been offering high-quality social media services for a long time and has earned trust from several people as a result.

The process of buying reviews is usually straightforward for most accredited platforms. But first, you need to find the package that best suits your needs. Accfarm for example offers various prices for different iTunes review packages. For as little as $9.95 you can find 5 iTunes reviews texts customized for your Podcast. So, you will not buy some random “great podcast!” kind of reviews. 

After you buy iTunes reviews, they will be delivered to you. But the time of delivery depends on the site. Accfarm usually takes 48 hours and even gives you an option to choose how you want the reviews to be delivered to your  Podcast. For example, if you bought 10 reviews, you can select in the dropdown, how many you want to be delivered to you daily. This is very smart considering too many reviews at once may ring a spam bell.

Furthermore, during purchase, you will be asked to enter information such as email and your Podcast ID where you want reviews delivered to. Remember, the process you go through to buy quality iTunes reviews is as safe as the site itself. This is why you need to place more emphasis on ensuring you're getting your reviews from popularly known sites like Accfarm.

iOS and iTunes App store Reviews Ratings

On the App Store, customers rate and review apps to provide feedback on their experiences and to help other users select apps. As a way of improving your app's discoverability, encouraging downloads, and building connections with people who use your app, you can ask for ratings and respond to reviews or you can buy reviews from worthy sites.

iTunes - B2B Ratings and Reviews

Most reviews usually come from individual listeners, but some may also come from businesses that find your Podcast or App useful to them. For example, if your Podcast is about health and wellness, you can buy reviews from gyms, yoga, or other related businesses.

Buy Reviews Cheap and in Bulk 

As you have already seen you can spend a reasonable amount to find quality reviews on a platform like Accfarm. You don’t need to spend a fortune unless you want to make multiple purchases at once. You can buy reviews cheap and in bulk from Accfarm that is a wide range of prices, and packages that can accommodate your budget.

Even though there are several methods of increasing your reviews on iTunes, buying is effective in getting you going faster. You only need to ensure you are buying iTunes from a safe platform like Accfarm. You also don’t necessarily have to spend more to buy reviews. You can find and buy reviews cheap and in bulk from accredited sites.

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