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How to find Clutch - B2B Ratings & Reviews to help boost your business

Online marketing has become an essential part of any successful business model today. The growth of your business will be determined by this factor in the next couple of years. A business needs an online platform and a mobile app because they influence how customers find and shop for their products. Revenue can rise dramatically when you use a well-designed platform.

But, what does have to do with that?

Clutch. co is the most popular platform for rating and reviewing IT, marketing, and business services. Clutch users are buying and selling services on the platform every month, and the user base is increasing by over 50% per year. So as a seller, you want to gain or buy reviews to be able to attract and win more orders.

Is clutch. co legit?

You are probably familiar with the concept of labor market research. Research and evaluation are usually the first steps taken by large corporations to find the most qualified employees. Clutch makes it easy for everyone.

Clutch is a legitimate platform where clients can give objective feedback about companies listed on the site. In each case, they interview clients and customers to learn about their experience with the respective Clutch-registered company. Data collected by the service is used to generate an accurate rating of all the firms. Companies are classified by Clutch by their location, their area of expertise, and the focus on their skills.

Using Clutch. co, suppliers can solve two problems at once: it collects feedback from their clients, which saves time for them, and it displays all positive and negative client feedback. Visitors can then see both the testimonials and the full picture.

Review collection and analysis are handled by independent analysts at Clutch. Positive or negative feedback does not affect those who take the feedback. The only thing they are interested in is publishing the full picture. Boosting a company's rating by cheating is impossible. Reviewing or changing a company's rating can only be done by people who have interacted with the company. So if you want to buy reviews, you will have a platform that will offer you organic and not spammy ones that could get you banned.

The Clutch network is a great resource for finding top companies to handle your project. Several Web and Mobile App Development, Web Design,  Advertising and Marketing, Software Development, IT Consulting, Search Engine Marketing companies, are featured here. The company provides reliable information, analysis, and user reviews.

Whether it's a small business or an enterprise of any size, Clutch is the ideal solution. Check out Clutch and its ratings and reviews before you select a prospective work partner to minimize your budget allocation for due diligence. Regardless of your business's industry, you'll find the right team for you.

You can use a variety of ways to find the best company to execute a given idea, including country, region, price range, and the company's area of expertise. 

Is clutch a safe website?

Clutch has put in place well-measured efforts to verify the authenticity of reviews so that it makes it difficult for businesses to game the system. Reviews on the website are reliable so prospective clients can find agencies that they can trust. Hence, the clutch is a safe site, and you don't have to worry about being scammed.

What are clutch reviews?

Clutch reviews are given by clients to express their experience with products or services from a particular company. Clutch uses reviews they collect to rate and find leading companies in the fields of IT and market service providers or software development.

The reviews are collected from clients in the following ways.

Reviews collection over the Phone

The best way to review projects over $20k is by phone. Reviewing a phone takes between 15 and 20 minutes and is performed by a Clutch analyst.

Phone Review Process

Analysts interview clients based on a client's reference, or the company submits client references. Clients who agree to be interviewed then speak for 15 to 20 minutes with a Clutch analyst and the call is recorded and transcribed. Before publishing the review to a company's profile, Clutch analysts edit the transcribed interview for length and clarity. Furthermore, the analyst will give clients their reviews and a window for editing.

Review Online

Online reviews are best for projects under $25k. The Clutch review form is customized for every industry and clients can also review your company through Clutch's main review form. Your company profile includes a link that you can share with your clients. You can also ask your clients for reviews through Clutch's company review form.

How do I get more reviews on my clutch?

There are two ways you can use it to get more reviews on the clutch. co. You can ask your clients to leave a review for you or you can buy reviews. 

To convince clients to leave reviews for you, you can:

  • Send your client an email catered to their needs and add your Clutch analyst to the CC line. You should find out whether your clients' contact information will be reviewed before submitting it.

  • You can establish your future review on Clutch by introducing yourself in person during a meeting or at the beginning of the engagement.

  • Include your profile on your website through Clutch badges or widgets. It is also possible to share a Clutch badge on social media and ask for a review from your clients.

Provide an explanation of the value of reviews on Clutch

There is something special about Clutch reviews. Reviewers provide detailed feedback, and the verification process demonstrates the reviewer's legitimacy. 68% of consumers have reported that reviews influence their trust in a business partner. It is okay to tell your clients that your online reviews are important. 

Make sure your clients know that their feedback will contribute to your team's online visibility and improvement. Consider letting Clutch know that a detailed review could eliminate your clients having to perform future telemarketing on your behalf. Explain why Clutch reviews are different from those left on other sites.

Buy quality Reviews

You can buy quality clutch. co reviews from trusted sites like Accfarm. Already, there are several sites out there that claim to sell reviews. But not all of them are legitimate or can offer what they promise in terms of quality reviews. If you buy from verified sites, you will be able to find and buy Reviews cheap and in bulk. These are organic reviews that will be delivered to your clutch profile after purchasing.

We believe Accfarm is among the best platforms to get  Clutch - B2B ratings and reviews ratings from. They have efficient customer service that is available around the clock to ensure that any review purchase-related problems are solved on the spot. They also guarantee 100 quality on their reviews, something extremely hard to come by with other platforms.

In addition, Accfarm is popular among several business people that need reviews for various platforms. It is an ideal place to buy clutch. co reviews cheaply and in bulk. For example, you can get five high-quality clutch reviews for $199.5, which is a good deal compared to other sites. On top of it all, having five high-quality organic reviews on your platform is a huge boost to your business!

Buy Reviews cheap & bulk 

Generally, it is not easy to find a social media service platform that can offer you with cheap, bulky, and quality reviews. Some sites will offer a bunch of spam reviews or fake reviews that will not do anything to win you, customers. This is why it is important to take your time in finding the best place to buy your reviews from.

Price matters a lot when it comes to buying reviews. If you must dig deeper into your pocket to get reviews that will help boost your business, then ensure that you are getting a package that equates to the price.


Having clients publish feedback for you on Clutch. co is one of the best ways to create an impression among other clients. A good impression is enough to attract and win you more business. You can ask or request customers to leave a review for you on Clutch. co.But this is one method that may take some time and it depends on whether the client is available and willing to spare some time to offer a review. Some clients may have the time but are still unwilling to give you any reviews. 

The other best alternative is to buy quality clutch. co reviews from trusted platforms such as Accfarm. Buying saves a lot of time and gives your business an edge over competitors who use organic methods. Buying reviews gets even better if your business is still new. Starting with a few tens of positive reviews is enough to attract your business enough orders for your products.

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