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Chinese Wechat Service Accounts

Product specifications

Account Type: Wechat Accounts
Followers/Subs: 0
Content: Yes
Registaration date:
Gender Multi
Account name alphabet Latin
Registaration IP Geo Yes
Email verification Nospan>
Email registration No
Email adress inclusion Not Included
Phone registration Yes
Phone verification Yes

Format Preview:

login password
Order may take up to 168 Hours to Deliver.


Chinese WeChat Service Accounts. For Promotion and Advertising.

Prepare account for order, delivery time from 1 to 7 working days

What is WeChat Service Account?

  • 4 push articles per month (up to 8 eight articles each time)
  • Push notifications send to users as regular chats
  • Appears as how regular friend chats display
  • Content not searchable on Sogou search engine
  • There are more API and JS-SDK access that gives more flexibility to customized development. Eg.: native eCommerce features (shops, coupons and loyalty programs), WeChat login, WeChat payment, QR code tracking, follower input processing, geo-localization.
  • The basic menu customizations are available to verify and unverified accounts alike.
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