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How to buy Real Android Installs

Promoting your app in the Google Play store can be hard work. Especially for new applications that have been recently released in the store. Unfortunately, most of the mobile apps don't receive many organic installs and their statistics look really poor. But there is a solution that can help you get more downloads and improve your exposure. Accfarm offers 

an exclusive tool that can help you buy real android installs and improve your ranking in google play. 

Just follow this quick guide and know how to purchase real android downloads:

- Go to Accfarm marketplace.

-  Choose the Android Installs category.

- Submit URL link to your application correctly.

- Submit the number of how many installs you want to purchase. NOTE: We can serve you from 1000 android installs and up to 100000 android installs as a single package.

- Pay attention to the GEO mode: You can choose installs from USA, UK, Australia, Germany and other locations.

- Choose your installs delivery mode: Drip-feed and instant installs. NOTE: We recommend to use drip-feed for huge packages to make them look organic.

- Choose a convenient payment method (Paypal, VISA/Master, Bitcoin, Skrill).

- When you complete the payment you can see your order progress in your Accfarm account.

So, that's it, folks. Not so difficult to buy real android installs on a budget. 

Is it a Good Idea Buying Android Installs

This is just another marketing investment that aims to improve your marketing efforts. There are many different ASO tools that can help increase your keywords ranking in Google Play. The paid android installs is just one of these tools. Accfarm offers authentic android downloads that look real. 

How to Drive more Installs to My Android App

Exactly as with WEB SEO, ASO requires quality content, great design, the engaging android app itself, and constant improvements in your ranking. As an option, you may choose to purchase real Android installs to boost your ASO ranking. This is what most of  Andoid application developers and marketers do.


Q: How many Real Andoird Installs I can buy on Accfarm?

A: We deliver from 1000 Real Installs and up to 100000 Real Installs as a single package.

Q: Will these Installs look authentic?

A: Yes, they look and perform right as real android app downloads?

Q: Can I get Android Installs Instantly?

A: Yes, we can provide you with instant android app installs.

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