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Why do I need to buy Bloglovin Followers?

Bloglovin: what it is, how it works and how to register your blog

When people started blogging almost two decades ago, they generally wrote about their hobbies, their travels, or their personal life. Since then, blogging has evolved a lot. Social media capitalized on much of the public's confessional habits, while blogging became a preferred medium among professionals and entrepreneurs. Today, blogging is a highly valued resource by companies that rely on content to boost their business. It is a flexible medium, with wide communication possibilities and easily measurable performance. In the context of an inbound marketing strategy, a blog is particularly effective in the stages of attracting and converting qualified traffic. This means that it can help get more leads for a business.

Is blogging good for SEO?

People spend more and more time searching for information on the internet. They have doubts, problems and needs for which they seek an answer or solution online. From what model of shoes is the best to go running to what type of car should be bought if we are thinking of moving to the mountains.

If a post on your blog answers any of their questions, those people can find it, read your content and become visitors to your website. It is the same if your company sells tractors, online courses or vegan food: providing solutions to the queries of your potential customers is one of the best ways for them to get to know your products and services, and begin to trust your brand.

Also, blogging is very good for SEO. A better positioning of your site in Google generates more traffic, and if the content is adequate, that traffic will be from people interested in what your business has to offer.

But… Have you ever visited a super cool blog and forgot to bookmark it so you can visit it later? Know that this doesn't just happen to you. Many readers end up forgetting to save the blog somewhere to remember to come back later to consume more content. Forgive them. Today life is very busy, information passes very quickly and we really get lost. Know that, in addition to the Newsletter (which your blog should have), Bloglovin came to help you with that too.

What is Bloglovin?

Bloglovin is basically a blog reading platform, a place where all the blogs that interest you and that you are following will appear. You can follow a blog by email by receiving a notice every time a post is published. If you already follow your blogs by email, Bloglovin makes it easy to read the entries of all of them, both from your pc and from your mobile or tablet, using a single application. For blog owners, getting many Bloglovin followers is very important. With Bloglovin you will not have to be entering and leaving from blog to blog, but you will be able to have all the information published by the blogs that you follow on your wall.

This platform is very popular among fashion and lifestyle bloggers, but it also collects blogs about technology, decoration, cooking, travel, crafts, family, design, fitness ... so you will easily find very interesting content. I found it very practical to present the information in a magazine format that is easier to read from your mobile or tablet.

Bloglovin is an application (which also has a website) that brings blogs together within a single platform. So it's like Facebook, with the most recent posts feed from the blogs you've followed. Creating an account and putting the button for your reader to follow you there is also a very valid option, as:

If your reader subscribes to the Bloglovin Newsletter Widget on your blog, they will receive notifications of new posts via email. And if he has the app installed then he will get a notification over there too.

Bloglovin Followers: what are its benefits?

In addition to what we've already said about following your favorite blogs and receiving notifications with every post, there are a few more super cool things:

- You can save posts. So you find it easy to finish reading or if you want to see it again later;

- It's interesting to discover new blogs similar to yours or from a category you like a lot, such as lifestyle;

- You can select posts you've already read, this way the app can tell you what you haven't read since the last time you accessed your account;

- You can connect to Pinterest and it automatically shows you blogs with articles similar to the pins you save.

How to register and claim your blog

When you signal Bloglovin that a blog is yours, it will appear on your profile automatically. If you don't have an account, create it here. After that, just go to the site's search bar and click Add Blog.

Register for Bloglovin and Buy Bloglovin Followers

On the next screen, you must put your blog address. Ready! Your blog is already registered on Bloglovin. Soon the page will appear with the name and description used in your blog's meta tag. Don't worry, you can change it later. Next step is to claim, that is, to signal that it is yours. To do this, just click on “Is this your Blog? Claim it!”

'Click on Is this your Blog? Claim it!' to claim your blog. Then it will ask you to prove that the blog is yours. So you need to create a post and put the link it shows you in the field “Paste this code snippet into a new blog post on”. The best thing is that you put this link right at the top of the post, as you can see in the example on Bloglovin.

Ready! Now your blog page has the name, description and who is the creator. Is not it pretty?

After that, you need to let your readers know that they can now follow you on Bloglovin. So grab one of the Newsletter buttons or widget and insert it into your blog!

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