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What is an Amazon buyer account and how can you get multiple accounts without being banned?

Today, Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces. Millions of people from all over the world have used Amazon to buy or sell items they have or need. But before anything else, one must have an account with Amazon to access services.

Buyer accounts are for customers while seller accounts are for people with items to sell. Some people tend to confuse the two which should not be the case. In this article, we are going to look at Amazon buyer accounts and how you can buy them.

Is it legal to buy an Amazon account?

While Amazon discourages selling seller accounts, there is no evidence that you can be arrested for it. There is no crime being committed or harm being caused by doing this. It is therefore difficult to define the precise boundary between a company's policies and its legal obligations. Amazon accounts can be bought and sold without violating federal law.

Amazon buyer account is easier to buy or sell compared to the seller account. This is because of the differences in the two accounts and how Amazon treats buyers and sellers. Amazon doesn’t mind buyers having more buyer accounts perhaps because they bring money to the company when they buy goods. treats buyers very special that is why it is possible to have several accounts.

What is an Amazon buyer account?

Amazon buyer account is used by buyers to order products from sellers on Amazon. Buyers can leave reviews or ratings about the service they got.  It is possible to have one buyer account and one seller account linked together.  One person can have several buyer accounts and not get banned for it. This is different from a seller account which is restricted to one per person.

With an Amazon buyer account, you can access other extra services such as enjoying Television programs or movies subscriptions. As we have already seen, buyers are treated better and this is the reason why you can have several buyer accounts without being bothered.

Buyer accounts come with fewer responsibilities but seller accounts need to maintain a good record by delivering products to clients in good time, buyer accounts are only used for purchase. 

Can I have multiple Amazon buyer accounts?

If you have several accounts, whether they are buyer or seller accounts, there's a chance you are still worried. The good news is that there is something positive to look forward to. No limit exists on the number of buyer accounts a user can have. It is quite evident. Amazon is obsessed with its customers, so why would it prohibit its most valuable customer from having several buyer accounts? 

Even better, Amazon allows customers to link all of their purchaser accounts under one household, so everyone can share the Prime benefits! You can therefore create an account for every member of your household, while only one account can be created for sellers. 

Since Amazon idolizes its customers, there is good news for all buyers out there: they can open more than one account. Furthermore, their Amazon accounts can be accessed from the same computer as well.

Can I open a new Amazon buyer account?

You can easily open a new or buy Amazon buyer account; this should be very easy compared to opening a seller account. If you already have a buyer account, you can still open a new one using a different username and email address. You can do the same with more emails to open as many buyer accounts as you want.

How many Amazon buyer accounts can you have?

Most people are scared about opening or don’t want to buy an extra Amazon account thinking they might get banned or suspended if discovered. You are most likely to get banned on Amazon if you try creating multiple seller accounts. Amazon wants to maintain the integrity of sellers on the platform and this is one of the reasons why they don’t allow sellers to have multiple accounts.

Buyers as we have already seen can have or buy Amazon buyer accounts as they want. Provided several different email addresses are used, you open as many buyer accounts as you want and not get banned. Buyers are more beneficial to the company because they are the market and this easily explains why having several buyer accounts is nothing to worry about. Sellers on Amazon however can have just one buyer account linked to a seller account

Why Amazon blocks buyer accounts 

It is rare to hear of a suspended Amazon buyer account, for the same reasons we have already mentioned above. Customers are always right, most businesses including Amazon know this very well and which is why you don’t get to see a banned buyer more often.

We have already seen that you can get away with creating multiple buyers accounts, so what can get you banned?

There is only one scenario that can get you blocked from Amazon: If you continuously use threats or leave reviews that show you want to cause harm or threaten the life of a seller or anyone on the online store. You may get away with a few threats but if you persist, your account will be taken down.

How many Amazon buyer accounts can you have one email

Unless you have express permission from Amazon, which is difficult to come by sometimes, you are only allowed to have one buyer account registered with one email address. This makes sense because it can be quite confusing to handle two accounts under the same email. However, you are not limited to having several buyer accounts, the only thing you need is to get a different email address or a different user name to use in registering an account. The more email addresses you have, the more Amazon buyer accounts you can register. If you don’t like the long process you can buy Amazon accounts.

Buy Amazon buyer old accounts

You want to buy Amazon buyers old accounts, especially those with a history of purchase because they are better than the newly created ones. For example, If you have been purchasing shoes from one brand for a long time, the seller is most likely going to list you as a loyal customer and offer incentives such as free shipping. Someone else looking to buy similar shoes may want to buy Amazon account buyer to be able to purchase without paying shipping charges, or generally enjoy the gifts that come with the older account. 

Buy Amazon buyer accounts Cheap & Bulk

If you would like to have some Amazon buyer accounts, you can avoid the hassle of creating several email addresses to create them and buy instead. You can buy Amazon buyers old accounts or new ones depending on what you are looking for exactly. However, older accounts may cost you more compared to the new ones for the reasons we have already seen in this article.

Most people buy aged Amazon accounts buyers from trusted sites that can deliver what they promise. There are so many sites that claim to sell Amazon accounts but not all of them are genuine. Some are there to try and scam you. So, take your time to get the best accounts for the best prices.

The accounts are usually sold in packages, the more packages you choose, you will spend more. It is up to you to decide on the number of accounts you need.

How to Sell or Buy an Amazon Account

Do you wish to buy or sell Amazon accounts?  You can buy Amazon accounts online. Most people wanting to buy accounts prefer the older ones as opposed to the newly created ones. As we have already seen, the older accounts have a long and good purchase history that can attract incentives compared to the new ones. Most Amazon accounts sellers, especially the social media service platforms deal in older accounts for the same reason.

If you are buying you must consider your budget, even though you may have different packages that easily suit you. As a seller, all you need to watch out for is the quality of what you are offering.

Should you choose a UK or USA Amazon account?

You remove yourself from the spotlight when you buy an old account, especially one based in the United States. You are less likely to be flagged for random account checks. Some sellers learned the hard way that skipping the inspection is much better than being inspected and not being able to do what they wanted. In the event of an error, Amazon doesn't care if your apology is justified or not once you've checked out.

Market participants want to know that you will take your responsibilities seriously and will take the initiative to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In this regard, mainly American sellers are trusted. Amazon can chargeback a deposit made to an American bank account. Because of this, USA sellers are considered more accountable.

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