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10 ways to create visual content on social media: expert advice

For a visual storytelling addicted like me it was a wonderful experience: the speakers gave many useful suggestions and interesting food for thought. To help those who failed to attend the webinar, a webinar is a live virtual event that runs online. It is an educational or instructional session that includes audio and visual communication ...; here is a summary of the most important points that emerged during the lesson. Visual content is the way to go in social media to create content that grabs the attention of readers and leads them to share the information they have learned with their friends/followers. Images induce action, and improve the perception of your brand.

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How to create a perfect Visual Post on Social Networks in ten points:

1. Pass the sharing test

When posting content on social media, verify it with the sharing test. Before you even click "send" or "publish", make sure it meets one of these requirements:

1) is the content useful?

2) does it provide relevant information?

3) is it funny?

4) does it make people share it with others?

Your work must be done according to your readers, when you write a post, create an image or an infographic make sure that it is relevant to your audience. In this way you will increase the shares and its online visibility. If your content passes this test, you've done 90% of the work.

2. Create value

When you create content, you have to value the reader. You can choose from the following alternatives: give useful information, present an in-depth analysis of the topics you are talking about, help your readers or, alternatively, entertain (NPR model). Providing useful content is the fastest way to promote your business - compelling content helps your readers and stays in their minds. This way you don't need other activities to promote your product, service or brand.

3. Instagram Fonts Generator - Be direct

Even if you speak on behalf of your brand, there is always a person behind it and it can be useful to promote your personal branding through your values. Feel free to express your opinion, to address current affairs issues, take a stand on social media. Take a stand, the beauty of social media is precisely the possibility of freely expressing your opinion.

4. Be brief

Here are three basic guidelines to follow when posting content on social networks:

- The title must contain a maximum of 5 characters

- The text must be a maximum of 3 sentences

- Active form of verbs

If you deal with Instagram content, you can use several useful tools, for example is Instagram Font Generator.

Brevity is the key to social success: Many people think social media is a substitute for blogs. A blog (short for "weblog") is an "online newspaper", or informational website, that displays information in chronological order. On Twitter you cannot exceed 140 characters; in reality it would be better to have an even lower number of letters, in order to give space to retweets and quotes. You should not to exaggerate even on Facebook: the ideal length of a post is a maximum of two lines of text (including the link); in this way you quickly capture the reader's attention and give them a precise idea of ​​the content of your post.

5. Cite your sources

Always indicate the sources that inspired your content or images. It's not all about good manners or legalities - it helps you establish a relationship with the person who posted the content first. In this way you can interact with the people who work in your sector, giving value to your content with authoritative sources.

6. Excite

Engage your audience by using images that tell your story in a visual way. The text alone is not able to attract the attention of readers on the different platforms, the edge rank of Facebook penalizes the contents with few interactions, and even on Twitter users prefer posts in which there are images. Alternate visual and textual content, create ad hoc images for different social networks, and summarize your posts with captivating images. Does your post not have nice images? Create them!

Since size is important on social media, make sure that the images have the right resolution. Instagram prefers square images, while Pinterest prefers larger, vertical images, content that is also suitable for Google Plus.

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7. Use Hashtags

A hashtag is a label for words or phrases, typical of social networks. Help others interested in a topic quickly find content about that topic ... instantly summarize the topic you're talking about and allow people who are interested to follow updates related to your business. It is advisable to create a custom hashtag for your brand, so you can observe the conversations of fans on Twitter, Instagram Google Plus and Facebook and create connections with your fans.

8. Schedule and Share

Publish your content when your audience is online by scheduling posts based on activities on various social networks.

9. Keep Calm and Post Often!

Publish your content frequently, in this way keep the attention of your fans high and avoid being "forgotten". How many times do you have to publish? It depends on your audience and the social network: to be able to emerge in the Facebook algorithm, you should publish 3, 4 posts per day per page.

10. Cross-Promote

Share information on different channels, but avoid publishing the same information at the same time. Use different images and descriptions for different channels, same content, but in a different form. Each social network has its own rules, for example on Google Plus, having more space available, you can add a detailed description of your content, a link, and hashtags, and on Facebook instead the description must be shorter. On Twitter, we can share links from other social networks, for example, the link to the post we shared on Google Plus, by inserting an effective image. Adding the "Pin It Later" option allows readers to save content and then find it easily, so we increase Pinterest shares and traffic to your site/blog.

11. Check undercover

The secret of a digital stalker is undercover browsing. When you publish a post, check how it appears to fans. Usually, when you are logged in as Admin, your personal settings can affect the display, so it is advisable to double-check by opening an incognito window. This way you can see the final effect of your post and, in general, of the complete social profile.

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