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Best Social Media Apps That Will Rule in 2021

3 minutes read

Here are some of the rising and most popular social media apps in 2021. We scoured the Internet to find the different apps people important during the year. These applications are not ranked in any order. Overall, you may use this information to try these apps to see which app is the best for you.

Something About Social Media

2021 gave rise to many different needs people need addressing. his year also increased many social media apps' demands to connect with friends distanced by the COVID lockdown. A significant lack of jobs resulted in people entering the entertainment industries through social media apps like TikTok and YouTube. Online meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meet became important for students and employees to interact with each other from their homes. Social media applications like Facebook proved most important to reach people quicker than the traditional email.

Best Social Media Apps in 2021

Telegram - convenient messenger

Telegram is one of the leading messaging apps, especially for younger audiences. Its free messaging platform is also one of the most secure communication forms to transfer confidential data to others. Telegram even publicly taunted everyone to hack into their server, which no one has succeeded.



Meetup is an application used to host virtual events for interested parties. Interested members can enter any webinar of their interest and eventually create good and lasting connections with the members there.

Reddit - Best Social Media Apps

Reddit is an informal forum for users to discuss many different topics under the sun. Users also use Reddit for ratings and reviews for different products, applications, and services, to make it easier for them to make decisions. Reddit is also sometimes the area to debate on present current social and political issues.


LinkedIn is a social media application particularly designed for professionals to make connections with other professionals. A significant rise in unemployment encouraged users to use the application to make it easier to find connections for future employment and partnerships.


TapeReal, originally called TapeBook, is an application designed to provide people the medium to voice out any topic under the sun. TapeBook allows users to view any content they want and to use its profits for humanitarian purposes.


Instagram - Social Media Apps

Instagram is a social media application that allows you to share your photos with your followers. Instagram became more popular for content creators to share their content with the public. Companies also saw this platform as an excellent method to gain publicity for their products and services by posting related pictures.


Facebook became more popular because of the lack of social communications outside of the Internet. Users found Facebook as an excellent medium to make communications more convenient for everyone.


Twitter gained popularity through the increase in users to relay their thoughts about certain subjects. Ranting became more prevalent on Twitter, especially about social and political issues.


Many analysts are claiming a significant resurgence for Snapchat during 2021. Despite being used lesser during the years, many users are considering using Snapchat over Instagram. Snapchat also aims to release more interactive updates to anticipate its recovery.



Pinterest is an excellent medium to store any information about your hobbies and interests. Users use this platform to gain inspiration for their projects. Many users use this application as inspiration for self-improvement and mental health.


Tumblr is a platform that allows its users to express themselves through the blogs they create freely. Many content creators gained a following by creating inspiring content for their users to enjoy.


Whatsapp is another favorite application to use for its tremendous security and encryption. Like other messaging applications, Whatsapp carefully delivers your message to the receiver without being intercepted by hackers.



TikTok experienced tremendous growth during 2020 and continues to grow this year. Content creators started sharing their fifteen-second videos through TikTok because of its popularity and audience. TikTok became the favorite application for younger audiences looking to pass the time. Many content creators received significant monetary compensation for the content they provide in this application.


YouTube also experienced a significant increase in the audience because of the ongoing pandemic. Many people saw YouTube as an excellent way to gain revenue through engaging content. Boredom in the house also encouraged people to watch YouTube videos to pass the time, resulting in more watch hours for popular YouTubers.



QQ is another instant messaging software more popular in Asian countries. QQ is used to relay information to the addressee more conveniently.



Viber is another one of the most popular messaging applications for everyone. Viber allows for private messaging to prevent any confidential data from leaking. People also use Viber for free calls and video chats to distanced friends and relatives in different countries.



Line is another application designed to provide you free calls and messages to anyone. Although this application is not as popular as the ones stated, this application still proves to be one of the industry's most secure software.


Tinder - best dating app

A rise in boredom and lack of human interaction encouraged people to start finding love again. Tinder is an excellent way to find a relationship despite being further away from each other. Many people end up promising to meet their significant other after their country’s lockdown.


Whisper is an application that allows users to post their photos and videos anonymously. This privacy provides people the freedom to express themselves without any judgment and prejudice.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is one of the most popular social communication apps in China. Most of their citizens use this application to communicate with each other conveniently and efficiently.


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